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‘Political idol’ accused of racism


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‘Political idol’ accused of racism (Guardian)

Who could possibly support these policies:

…the mandatory castration of paedophiles, the legalisation of all drugs, the repeal of the human rights act, a massive prison-building scheme and an immigrant deportation programme that would reduce Britain’s population by 20 million…

Now I admit that I didn’t see the programme, and it’s possible that he didn’t really take himself seriously, and was something of a comedy entrant. If that was the case, then I’m still not terribly taken with the idea of making comedy out horrific racist policies, but perhaps I don’t need to feel so scared, and I’m not going to condemn people for making a joke I don’t find funny.

But if he was genuinely standing there and making a case for any of the above policies, then I really do despair. I can respect the vast majority of political views, and I can even begin to see the points he’s making with legalising all drugs and the repeal of the Human Rights Act (though I strongly disagree with them), and I can understand why he might think a massive prison-building scheme is necessary (although, again, I vehemently disagree), but who could ever try to make a logical argument for castration of paedophiles or immigration deportation that would reduce the population by a third? I really cannot believe anybody would vote for this guy.

‘After I won, I went out to celebrate at a restaurant with one of my greatest mates who is from Kenya and a Muslim,’ he said.

I suppose that makes it all okay then. You can suggest the deportation of a quarter of the population based entirely on country of birth, but so long as you have a friend from another country who is a Muslim, then that is just fine. You can’t possibly be racist.

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