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Under the headline “Open fried, you’re dead“, and a pictured captioned “You’re hisstory … snake struck at fence after getting in tangle with wires” the Sun writes:

IT’S fang you and goodnight for this giant snake – as it chomps into an electric fence. Game wardens saw the 20ft rock python bite at the fence after getting its tail tangled on the cables.

After those two sentences, there’s a further pictured, captiond “Oh deer … earlier meal visible…”, and then they continue:

When they slit it open to examine the snake’s bulging belly at the Silent Valley Game Ranch in South Africa they found a whole antelope carcass. A spokesman said: “Usually the snake will hide to digest its meal.” Guess this beast hadn’t adder nuff.

I found it funny. But it really demonstrates that The Sun, for all its faults, still hasn’t lost the good and bad puns that are forever groanworthy and that make it so popular. Good for it.

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