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RFID plans trigger Tesco boycott call


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RFID plans trigger Tesco boycott call

Tesco is too big for this kind of boycott to make a significant dent in their profits. I do think that RFID technology needs more careful monitoring, but it’s certainly the future of stock control. Imagine the convenience it will bring to stores – no more unloading of shopping onto a conveyor belt, products which customers have abandoned on the wrong shelf can easily be found, and stock levels checked at the touch of a button – all of which will contribute to a great saving in man hours, at the same time as making a more pleasant experience for the customer – there aren’t many innovations that can make a promise that big and economical.

However, care in regulation does need to be taken to ensure that the chips are deactivated when the customer exits the store, which, I believe, is something with which Tesco agrees.

RFID is undoubtedly the future, no matter how much people try and boycott it.

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