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Steve Irwin has died


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I’m waking up this morning to the news that the ‘Crocodile Hunter’, Steve Irwin, has been killed in an accident whilst filming his latest documentary.  He died about six hours ago after a stingray attack to the chest in the Batt Reef of the Low Isles, near Cairns in Australia.  The Sydney Morning Herald has full details.

This is really quite a shock.  I think we all knew that what Steve did in his documentaries was almost ludicrously dangerous, but I don’t think anyone ever expected him to die.  In the modern age of special effects and stuntmen, perhaps the dangers people put themselves through for their art are never truly recognised.  The bitter irony is that few people are killed by stingrays – the life of a naturalist famed for working with the most dangerous of animals has been ended by a common, often harmless creature.

Steve leaves behind wife Terri, daughter Bindi (8), and son Bob (2).  My thoughts are with them this morning.

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Comments and responses

Comment from Anonymous

by Anonymous

Comment posted at 18:28 on 5th September 2006.

God bless him. I really enjoyed his documentaries.

Comment from Mrs. J Larkin

by Mrs. J Larkin

Comment posted at 18:48 on 5th September 2006.

Will be greatly missed. Thoroughly enjoyed watching him on tv and what a happy go lucky chap.

Comment from lisa

by lisa

Comment posted at 19:06 on 7th September 2006.

what can i say about this man he was amazing and still is..loved watching him on tv and terri hes wife… he maybe gone but in my heart hes still here now up with the angels watchin over hes friends and family and the ainmals… my love goes out to hes friends and famliy.. you will be missed mate lots of love lisa from the uk

Comment from Tim Bown

by Tim Bown

Comment posted at 19:40 on 13th September 2006.

I’m 12yrs old and my Mum woke me to tell me in tears around 7am as i woke for school.
I held my tears through school untill i got home to Mum in on her own and then sobbed uncontrolably for the Man i placed on a Pedistal.
I can see you and hear your voice anytime Steve on my DVD’s. Take care of my Grandma up with the Angels please.


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