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Given my hatred for all forms of desecration of the English language, imagine my mirth at the following tale of woe…

The Territorial Army started a “Get Fitta” campaign recently, registering the domain name www.GetFitta.com. Nothing funny there.

The TA were very confused, then, when the majority of the hits were coming from Sweden. Why? Because “Fitta” is Swedish for…well…click here and find out. And while you’re there, just stare in awe at the fact that anybody actually wrote that page. You really can find anything on the internet. Apart from www.GetFitta.com which has now been taken down. Wonder why?

There was one domain name registration story this week that was even funnier.

Italy has its own fork lift truck charger battery manufacturer called Powergen. (Can you see where I’m going with this?) To distinguish themselves from the English Powergen electricity supplier, they tagged “Italia” onto their name. They now own the somewhat unfortunate domain www.powergenitalia.com

Well it amused me.

Just as a final thought (very Jerry Springer), the first Icelandic version of the old email Nigerian 419 scam has started circulating. It contains the text:

“I am not a Nigerian and this proposal has no liking as such. I therefore politely but seriously request that you do not treat this as one of these junks you may have heard about.”

That’s me convinced…

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A Post

Given that nobody’s posted recently, I thought that it was about time I explained why I haven’t…though I can’t speak for the others. In my case, it’s because I’m a lazy git. No, really. Anybody want to join me?

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Daily (Junk) Mail

Someone explain to me how a phone vote can be void? I mean, COME ON! Isn’t the real story here that over 100,000 people who read the Daily Mail are so damn stupid that they can’t even manage to vote in a simple poll without messing it up?!? Or is this a case of reducing the number of “No” votes through a bit of figure fiddling? No, the DM has too much honesty and integrity to do that. Yeah right.

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This is a political rant, and is therefore inherently boring. Feel free not to read it.

Patient Contracts with NHS

This is IMHO, the most stupid idea of all time. I’m talking seriously stupid. Refusing to treat fat people unless they agree to lose weight? Refusing to treat smokers unless they stop? Come on, what’s next – refusing to treat car crash victims unless they stop driving?

I for one am very anti-smoking, and, yes, it costs the NHS billions a year to treat smokers. It just so happens that smokers more than cover our expenses by being the most highly taxed people in the country. So why refuse them treatment? I may be anti-smoking, but I am not naive enough to think that heavy smokers can easily give up, and it’s not right to refuse them treatment because of it.

Virtually every case seen by a doctor is affected by lifestyle. If we go down this path, they’ll be nothing that ever gets treated for free. But at least we’ll have more cash for unjust wars.

Stupid Students

Regular readers of my rants will know my feelings on the Daily Mail. But please tell me how they can, in the space of a month, refer to students using the term ‘The best and the brightest’ in one article, and then use the headline ‘Students are Stupidest Ever’ in another? Maybe I’m just too stupid to understand…

Church of England getting power to fire gays

This is wrong. It shouldn’t happen. People’s lifestyle choices shouldn’t affect their jobs. And anyone who claims that it is wrong for gays to work in the Church because the Bible forbids sodomy should also be stoning prostitutes to death. It isn’t going to happen. If it could only accept the over-arching message of doing good to humankind the Church could once again become relevant and popular. Until it does, it is doomed.

UN team tours Iraq nuclear site

Can’t help feeling that if they’d been given the time to do this six months ago the world would be a better place.

Iraq Dossier Crap

We shouldn’t have gone to war, most people were against it, Bliar lies to try and convince us. Surprising? No.

But continuing to lie to cover up what happened, or if not lie then at least bend the truth, it’s stupid. Has he not learned from the fact that no-one knew whether he could be trusted before we went to war. How does he expect to win an election in two years’ time? Pixie magic? Or will he just ‘spin’ the results, saying that no-one voted for him but the 75% of the apathetic public who don’t get off their asses to vote clearly support him, so he should stay in power?! I wouldn’t be surprised.

You’re still reading this?

I’m surprised. I didn’t expect anyone to stay with me this far in. I’ve just got in a rant mood and I’m pretty much sure that most people will be bored by now. But you’re not, clearly. So I’ll finish with something positive…

Most Men Happy with Prosthetic Penis

70% of surveyed men who have had prosthetic penises (or “spongy body implants”) are happy with them, and over 50% successfully had sex within eight weeks of having the operation. That, I think, is really good news. We don’t often hear much about the prosthetic penis, maybe I should start a campaign to get the work more recognised. That’s a fantastic success rate, though I can’t help wondering about the other 30%…

Rant over for now…

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