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Last Night

Last night some friends and I decided to go out and celebrate the end of our exams (yes, they were only one day long, but that’s irrelevant). We decided to go out for tea so we’d be back early, since we had to be in a lecture at 9 this morning. Due to a number of people pulling out at the last minute, it turned out that it was me and three girls who are all good friends (two from my physiology group, and one other medic). So we hopped in a taxi and shortly arrived at TGI Fridays. And it was nice. I should make it clear that I only had one drink. Anyway, the meal was remarkably cheap because our waitress kept making mistakes, so the manager came and apologised, and we ended up paying only £2.50 each for our entire (three course) meal and our drinks. So that was cheap.

We then decided to walk back – it’s not far, but does involve crossing a five-lane road, and, on this occasion also involved me getting stuck on the top of a fence, leading several swimmers in the gym the fence surrounds to think I was some strange pervert, but that’s by-the-by.

We eventually arrived back in one girl’s room, where I drank Apple Juice, from her fridge – she has a full size fridge in her room, how cool is that? I then returned to my room, and I remember nothing after that. Except I must have posted on here, and also got changed and into bed.

The weird thing is, this is not the first time this has happened. A couple of weeks ago, I remember working at my desk, and waking up 2 hours later in bed, having moved all the stuff off my bed onto the floor in neat (well, neat for me) piles. But I don’t remember it. Should I be worried?

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Michael Jackson

I love how Sky News are using “Smooth Criminal” as the soundtrack to their Michael Jackson report tonight.

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Between Exams

I’m currently between exams, having had this morning’s MCQ/TF/EMI/DIPSE paper, and awaiting my OSC(P)E paper this afternoon. This morning’s wasn’t terrible, but there was a fair amount (probably just over half) of educated guessing. And two questions I didn’t have a clue on. Worth 10 marks each. Out of 65. But let’s not dwell on that.

It appears that the evil students at Duck (Durham Universirty Charity Komittee) have stolen our MedSoc fundraising event from last year…They’re organising a Full Monty event. The theiving evil people. But MedSoc has moved on…This year, we’re having Full Monty: The Rivals , which I’m sure will be much more entertaining anyway.

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