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Stupid Country

Say what you like about the French. And even the Americans. I’ve found a new stupiedest country: Nigeria. Clicky-Me-Do

Oh, and if you’re trying to choose a university, Here’s a suggestion.

And if you’re looking for Gmail invites… TOUGH! They’re all gone now. You weren’t quick enough.

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Feeling I should post…

Given that I haven’t posted in several weeks, I know how terribly worried you’ll all be for not knowing what’s happening in my all-action exciting superlife.

Well, I finished the uni year and passed (hoorah). My house for next year is just being finished off (according to an email from the letting company, it already is finished but they are just making it ‘lovely’). And I’m at home doing very little.

The theory goes that I should get a summer job, so that I earn money to fund next year. But I really can’t be bothered. However crap an excuse that is, and however much I’m being nagged to get a job by mum/dad/friends, I’ve avoided it successfully so far. Which means lots of lie-ins.

I’m spending my days typing up all of my notes from the first year… nearly 200 pages so far. I’m also apparently viewed as the family taxi service, and so am running people around everywhere. And doing occassional bits of housework. So, to summarise, I’m not really doing anything. Except watching Big Brother. And it’s SO good to have a proper rest.

I have a trip to London planned for next month, and I might be planning one to Stockton to see my new house at some point. I may also be forced to earn some money at some point (maybe JRC will just pay me for, erm, “services rendered”)

So that’s what’s happening at the moment.

By the way… All the Gmail invites have gone now! Better luck next time!

Originally posted on The LBSC

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Fox News

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