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National shock as 75% fail A-Levels

I’ve just posted a timely reworking of this post over on Gazette Communities: National Shock as 75% Fail A-Levels.

Thanks for all the emails and comments on this site – I am working through them, and trying to catch up, and I will get round to posting some new stuff here ASAP. Promise! It’s just taking me a while to catch up with things…

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Good luck to A-Level students

I wish everyone who is receiving A-Level results today the very best of luck. However it turns out, don’t let anyone belittle your achievement – the media pump out ridiculous lies about the exams every year, and every year I get annoyed. Congratulations to those who get good news. Those who didn’t do as well as expected shouldn’t get too disheartened – after all, you tried your best – but you may find the Guardian’s clearing site useful, as it’s chock full of useful info and will have a live adviser to answer questions later this morning.

On another topic entirely, I’ve not been great at posting this month. Sorry about that. I’ve been in Canada for two months, and thought I did quite well on keeping up the blog – for the first six weeks… I’m back now, so normal service will resume shortly. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Top 20 political blogs

Iain Dale is asking people to nominate their top twenty political blogs so that he can compile a top 100 for his latest book.

These things are impossible to do, but glancing briefly through my feed reader, I reckon these are all good… but I’ve probably got them in the wrong order, missed people out, and made myself look stupid. But hey, no change there…

  1. S J Howard (of course…)
  2. Iain Dale’s Diary
  3. Guido Fawkes
  4. Nick Robinson’s Newslog
  5. Downing Street Says
  6. Dizzy Thinks
  7. Charlie Beckett
  8. James O’Malley: Living Legend
  9. RecessMonkey
  10. Adam Boulton
  11. PM
  12. NHS Blog Doc
  13. Random Acts of Reality
  14. Boris Johnson
  15. Burning Our Money
  16. Dirty Leftie
  17. Paul Linford
  18. Mark Mardell
  19. Tim Worstall
  20. Tim McLoughlin

So what are your top tips? Hop over to Mr Dale’s website and post your list. You have until 15th August. Obviously, there’s no dispute about Number 1… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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