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Brown struggles to be heard

Gordon BrownIt’s been an extraordinarily bad few weeks for Mr Brown. I can’t actually remember the last bit of positive press, or even of genuine policy, that he managed to get out.

Even today, his government’s faintly ridiculous announcement about introducing a ‘skills check’ for single parents has been buried by news of more Labour sleaze, leading to the resignation of the impossibly young-looking ex-nurse Peter Watt, who was the party’s general secretary.

With the infamous lost discs, the floods, bluetongue, the ongoing saga with H5N1, the high price of petrol, the Northern Rock scandal, and so much more all obscuring the message, he’s in a bit of a pickle.

Yet, before he came to power, commentators may well have suggested that it was exactly this sort of baptism of fire that would give him a boost – after all, he’s always seemed to be excellent in a crisis. But it now appears that he’s pretty crap when he’s in the middle of the crisis himself.

If he continues to crash his way through crisis after crisis, announcing ridiculous policy after ridiculous policy, then the next government of this country will be Conservative.

Given Mr Brown’s lacklustre performance, I foresee a winter of discontent – amongst the Labour Party, at the very least – and Mr Brown’s position as PM may not seem such a given by the time it’s over.

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Instant Opinion: More for free

If you haven’t yet succumbed to your no-doubt overwhelming desire to secure your copy of my fabulous book, Instant Opinion, you might be interested to know that Google Book Search now has a bigger than ever preview of what you might find inside it. View it here, then buy the book from sjhoward.co.uk/shop. In fact, why not get two? It makes a great Christmas present…

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Not much posting…

I’m very aware that I haven’t posted much this month. Sorry about that. I will post more as my life becomes less busy!

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