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Way, way back, in the dim and distant times before sjhoward.co.uk, there existed a utopian ideal of a website known as simonhoward.co.uk.

And on this good old site, there were available a number of PDF-format downloadable quizzes, perfect for pub-style gatherings of all shapes and sizes.

Now, many years later, the files have been rediscovered, and are re-presented to you here so that you may enjoy again the thrill of the quiz… And even witness the – ahem – nostalgic branding.

Sports Quiz: Possibly the most unlikely thing I’ve ever put together, given my utter lack of sporting knowledge…

Names Quiz: Partly penned by my school Chemistry teacher, this is a quiz based on ‘What do you call a man with an x on his head?’ style jokes.

Spelling Quiz: A quiz based on spelling… From several years before Eammon Holmes took the subject primetime.

There was also a general knowledge quiz in the original set, but I can’t find a copy anywhere. If anyone happens to find a copy, I’d love to stick it up here, so please feel free to forward it to me.

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