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HP Support Blog: Day 14

Happy two-week ‘anniversary’! Yep, it’s now two weeks since I first reported my faulty laptop for a next-day repair with HP, and it’s not fixed and not here.

Yesterday, I was sort of hopeful that the HP Support Blog would pull into the fixed-laptop station for the very last time, but it appears to be rumbling on, out of control. I contacted ICM Computers, HP’s subcontractors, this morning, as I’ve heard nothing since Friday. I was told that the machine had (as planned) been wiped and reinstalled from scratch, but (unsurprisingly) that hadn’t fixed the problem.

So in a somewhat surreal turn of events, they’ve decided to replace the system board and screen. They’ve done that twice before, you’ll remember, and it didn’t work. But clearly, they think it will this time. Problem is, they’ve not got either. So they’re awaitinf parts. My man from Warrington assures me that the repair has been escalated to a senior level. That’s nice, but it doesn’t seem to be making an awful lot of difference so far.

I’ll post an update tomorrow, though I’m not terribly hopeful that it’ll contain much. Remember that you can follow HP Support Blog posts specifically on this page, or with this RSS feed. Have fun.

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Comment from Anonymous

    17.41, 31/08/2006

If they’ve been replaced before and they didn’t fix the problem, why do you think they won’t this time? It’s not unknown for replacement parts (which are often refurbished/repaired) to be DOA, it happens. I hope your bedside manner improves before you start dealing with real people, you’ve got a real attitude problem.

Comment from sjhoward (author of the post)

    18.06, 31/08/2006

Thanks for your comment.

The parts may well have been DOA, that’s a valid point. But if two parts were DOA twice, then that suggests a lack of rigor in HP’s testing process, which is clearly a cause for concern. I didn’t suggest that the parts wouldn’t work this time, merely expressed surprise at the fact that a third set of parts was thought necessary.

Dealing with “real people” is what I do day-in, day-out, and even at the end of 14 hour days, I’ve yet to receive a single complaint about my “bedside manner” (though many, many kind compliments).

At this point, I could deliver some cheap jibe about your professional competence, but you’ve chosen to post your confident assertions and insults anonymously – and besides, I’m somewhat above that.

Comment from Geomac

    14.57, 01/03/2010

My HP laptop developed a major problem some 15 months after I bought it direct from HP UK. Fortunately I’d take out an extended warranty and HP cmae to collect and return to their UK repair shop (Flextronics?). Initially I was promised a turnaround of 5-7 days, then that became 7-10 working days (despite warrantly documant saying “target of 7 working days from first intervention (contact with HP). Talking to their complaints department is so frustrating and useless. Responses to when I will get my laptop back get “I’ll find out and get back to you” – NOTHING! Then it requires 3 new parts which are on order but with no ETA” Latest telephone contact (Friday 26 Feb 2010) “your laptop required 7 new parts – 5 have been delivered and we are waiting for 2? The two they are waiting for are the main processor and the motherboard!!!!
They will simply not answer the question – When will it be returned?” and there is no hierarchy/manager system so I cannot escalate my issue.
All in all – PATHETIC!

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