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Shrewsbury evacuated

Hold up!

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This post was published years ago.

My opinions have changed over time: I think it's quite fun to keep old posts online so that you can see how that has happened. The downside is that there are posts on this site that express views that I now find offensive, or use language in ways I'd never dream of using it today.

I don't believe in airbrushing history, but I do believe that it's important to acknowledge the obvious: some of what I've written in the past has been crap. Some of it was offensive. Some of it was offensively bad. And there's may be some brass among the muck (you can make up your own mind on that).

Some of what I've presented as my own views has been me—wittingly or unwittingly—posturing without having considered all the facts. In a few years, I'll probably think the same about what I'm writing today, and I'm fine with that. Things change. People grow. Society moves forward.

The internet moves on too, which means there might be broken links or embedded content that fails to load. If you're unlucky, that might mean that this post makes no sense at all.

So please consider yourself duly warned: this post is an historical artefact. It's not an exposition of my current views nor a piece of 'content' than necessarily 'works'.

You may now read on... and in most cases, the post you're about to read is considerably shorter than this warning box, so brace for disappointment.

July 2005, this site:

A very strange story, this one. The centre of Birmingham – almost 20,000 people – evacuated for a night due to a ‘real and very credible threat’. So what was this threat?

July 2006
, BBC News site:

Part of the centre of Shrewsbury has been sealed off by police after what they describe as a “serious incident”. West Mercia Police have not yet released any details about the incident but they have said they expect the area to be closed for most of Sunday.

I don’t know if anything similar’s happened in between these two times, but it seems odd to be sealing off town centres and evacuating people without ever releasing details of why. I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but clearly something is going on and we’re not being told what. In the latter case, we were told by the West Midlands Chief Constable that “the people of Birmingham were in danger last night”, but never told why.

Are these two incidents connected? I have no idea. I do know that towns (including Birmingham) have updated evacuation plans. Is that connected to any of this? Or this is all just co-incidental, or even relatively normal?

I have no idea what’s going on with these events, and it doesn’t look like anyone’s going to be telling the public any time soon. So I guess the key question has to be: Why not? I’m not sure we’ll ever know.

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Comments and responses

Comment from ceedee

    15.00, 02/07/2006

No idea about the current operation but I heard that last year’s evacuation of central Birmingham was apparently sparked by an over-excitable worker in the TravelLodge hotel who spotted a theatrical pyrotechnics control box in a guest’s luggage.

Rather than trace the guest — almost certainly a technician touring with a show playing that night in one of only a handful of Birmingham theatres — the police launched probably the most extensive evacuation the county had seen since WW2.

There’s a semi-confirmation buried in the Independent’s article:


Comment from sjhoward (author of the post)

    15.08, 02/07/2006

You see – they mention that, along with the controlled explosions on the bus, but the police claimed that all of those were harmless at the same time – indeed, at the same press conference – as claiming that “the people of Birmingham were in danger last night”, and Charles Clarke claimed “There was a serious threat”

Without a further, unspecified threat, the comments don’t add up. Unless it was merely a case of “we thought the people of Birmingham could have been in danger, hence the evacuation”

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