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Diary for 17th November 2008

Antiques Roadshow beat I’m A Celeb in the ratings, winning almost as many viewers as X Factor: At last, a victory for timeless, quality TV. «

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Diary for 27th July 2008

Mr Brown’s current favourite refrain is that he is “Getting on with the job”. When will he realise that many want him to do the opposite? «

Carol Vorderman’s treatment by the makers of Countdown is shocking, and I don’t share their confidence that the show will go on without her. «

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Diary for 24th July 2008

Eddie Mair’s masterful pasting of the News of the World’s lawyer on PM today was the best bit of interviewing I’ve heard in ages. «

It’s testament to Richard Whiteley’s work ethic that two supposedly more experienced presenters – Lynan & O’Connor – couldn’t hack the load. «

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Diary for 14th July 2008

Virgin TV’s product is so utterly superior to Sky’s that I am at a loss to explain the crappiness of its reputation. «

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