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The policy for commenting on my website is deliberately lax. In general, anything goes, with a few exceptions. If you have posted comments before, new comments will usually appear instantly. But, sometimes, if the spam detector thinks that your comment could be spam, or if it is your first comment on the site, it will need approval from me before it gets online. I try and get round to this quite regularly, but it might take a few hours for your comment to appear.

Ultimately, the decision on the editing or removal of any comment rests with me. I shall try my best to be fair and even-handed, but I am not in any way obliged to do so. Thank you for trying to comply with this policy.

House Rules

Spam is forbidden: Any messages which are posted purely to promote another website will be removed (if they evade the spam filter and appear in the first place…)

Do not defame name individuals: Whilst you are free to say what you like most of the time, you can’t use this website to make damaging accusations against named individuals. Please also respect any individuals you name. I’m rather more relaxed about comments on public figures, but I would still ask that you do not defame them.

Respect people’s privacy: As with defamation, please do not go publishing the personal details of named individuals. I don’t want anyone harassed as a result of this site!

No threatening language: Threats are utterly unacceptable. The comments will be removed, and action may be taken against you.

Nothing illegal can be posted: I would’ve thought that goes without saying…

Language: I also ask that you try and post with reasonably clear English, and without profanity wherever possible. Please also try to avoid posting in ALLCAPS.

The Carrot

Fair, minimalistic moderation: I will only step in to remove or edit comments where absolutely necessary, not just because I disagree with the expressed opinions, and I will always leave a note explaining why I’ve intervened where I’ve done so (except for deleting spam posts, of course).

Identity protection: If you choose to post anonymously, I will not reveal your identity unless legally compelled to do so, or unless you break site policy. Please remember that your IP address is kept on file even if you do post anonymously. Your email address will never be divulged by me commercially or otherwise, unless legally necessary.

The Stick

Closer monitoring: Anyone whose post has to be edited or removed may have their IP address logged, and their comments will not appear in future until they have been personally cleared by me.

Banning: If a user repeatedly fails to comply, then their IP address may be forbidden from commenting.

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