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$15bn Vactican: Being rich is a mortal sin

The Vatican Library
Photo by Lawrence OP, modified under licence
As I mentioned in the diary, The Vatican has pronounced a number of new mortal sins… The twist being that it would seem that The Vatican itself is guilty of most of them. I’m guessing that it wasn’t some kind of point about everyone being a sinner they were trying to make.

The seven ‘new sins’ are kicked off with ‘environmental pollution’. That might sound like a reasonable cause – The Vatican is at least agreeing with the science for once. Except the Vatican has huge investments in the chemical industry, steel, construction, and real estate. Not the most environmentally friendly of industries, but then perhaps its not a sin if you’re merely funding somebody else’s environmental pollution.

The Holy See has also decided that ‘accumulating excessive wealth’ is evil… despite having a vast fortune estimated at over $15bn in the bank. Is that not a little excessive? Certainly wouldn’t fit through the eye of a needle…

Also on the financial front, they’re objecting to ‘inflicting poverty’ and ‘morally debatable experiments’ – both items which are contravened by their extreme stance on the use of condoms in countries riddled with HIV. Both your parents dying from a preventable disease is undeniably inflicting poverty, and preaching that condoms don’t work can be described as little other than a cruel and unusual experiment in failing to halt the spread of the disease.

It could also be argued that this is in ‘violation of fundamental human rights’ – another terrible sin – but I honestly can’t understand how the Vatican defines ‘fundamental human rights’: The policies it advocates on homosexuality, abortion, and euthanasia – not to mention the systemic covering up of child abuse – are certainly not congruent with my understanding of human rights.

The fact that people continue to have faith in Catholicism when the Vatican appears to be so corrupt and hypocritical astounds me – it’s surely either an expression of true, deeper faith, or simple brainwashing and conditioning. I know which theory I prefer.

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Comment from Mort Karman

    00.45, 13/03/2008

It is always easier to preach about the evils others do.
I doubt you or I will be nominated for Pope, Simon.
Speaking of evils, the Gov, says the FBI spent around $80,000 that they are able to document at his friendly neighbourhood whorehouse.
If it turns out it was his own money, it was his to blow, or have the prostitute blow.If it was public funds-he’s in the jail house now.
We need to come up with a bumper sticker for this-when we had the incident I wrote about with the Adams County Colorado cops a bumper sticker made the rounds which read “If sex is outlawed-only the Adams County Sheriffs Department will have sex.”
In this case, the Gov should at least have spent the money in a New York whorehouse.
As a doctor, (or almost a doctor) can you explain the sex addiction which causes this kind of thing?
A man in his position could have gotten a mistress or even bought a sex slave from one of the third world countries. Or he could have had his friend Bill get him an intern.
I am not saying it is the moral thing to do. But it is cheaper.
Bill Clinton also got some pretty skuzzy women. As President, he could have done better.
Why do they do this kind of thing?
Just before the last presidential election I did some photography for the Colorado Republicans at a five star hotel in Colorado Springs. As part of my compensation my wife and I were put up in a nice suite.
I commented to the chairman that was the difference between Republicans and Democrats.

“Covering the Republican convention I am allowed to bring my wife,” I told him. “If this was the Democratic convention I would have had to have brought an intern.”

Comment from Mort Karman

    17.56, 13/03/2008

Turns out the Gov did use his own money to pay for play.
His father is a gazillionare and he owns part of his real estate development business.
But Spitzer has pooro tast and got ripped off on the price.
Back in Denver a girl of the ilk he saw would go for around $100 per hour.
The New York Times had a story and photos of her on today’s page one.
She is a 22 year old high school drop out who left home at 17 and did the usual drug, etc. thing.
When my ex-wife had her escort service the top girls were college graduates (one has a Ph.D) and could hold their own with the top business and political people they serviced.
The Gov’s hooker is one to feel sorry for, but not pay $1,000 an hour.
One of Linda’s girls married an Internal Revenue agent.
“I guess we are both in the same business.” she said. ” We screw people for a living.”

Comment from Mort Karman

    21.43, 19/03/2008

latest update- It gets even hotter.
With the gov resigning the Lt. Gov took over.
His first announcement was that in his 15 year marriage he and his wife both have had several affairs.
On the other side of the Hudson River from New York is New Jersey. The two states have always tried to out do each other and sex activities appears to be one of the ways.
The Gov of New Jersey resigned after he announced he is having an affair-WITH ANOTHER MAN.
If that is not enough the latest is a report where an aid to the former governor says he participated regularly in troika sessions with the gov and his wife over a three year period.
“I did not know he was gay,” the man said. I would watch him do his wife and I would do her. I never touched him.”
:It never happened,” insists the wife, now in process of divorcing the gov.
The gov says he just wants to get it all over with for the sake of the children.
Now lets see you Brits top all this.

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