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Hold up! Before you read on, please read this...

This post was published more than 15 years ago

I keep old posts on the site because I often enjoy reading old content on other people's sites. It can be interesting to see how views have changed over time: for example, how my strident teenage views have, to put it mildly, mellowed.

I'm not a believer in brushing the past under the carpet. I've written some offensive rubbish on here in the past: deleting it and pretending it never happened doesn't change that. I hope that stumbling across something that's 15 years old won't offend anyone anew, because I hope that people can understand that what I thought and felt and wrote about then is probably very different to what I think and feel and write about now. It's a relic of an (albeit recent) bygone era.

So, given the age of this post, please bear in mind:

  • My views may well have changed in the last 15 years. I have written some very silly things over the years, many of which I find utterly cringeworthy today.
  • This post might use words or language in ways which I would now consider highly inappropriate, offensive, embarrassing, or all three.
  • Factual information might be outdated.
  • Links might be broken, and embedded material might not appear properly.

Okay. Consider yourself duly warned. Read on...

Michael Jackson I have to say that, despite my general hunch that Michael Jackson is not a child abuser (which I mentioned at the beginning of the trial), the verdict surpised me. And, in many ways, pleased me, not least because it shows that American juries can actually take decisions that don’t involve a thought process along the lines of ‘Ooh, it looks like he’s messed with kids. I don’t care about the evidence, if he’s messed with kids he should go down.’ Which is, largely, how I thought this might play out. Though I thought they’d convict him on the giving alcohol to a minor charge, rather than the full whammy. I think that a custodial sentence would have been largely unhelpful – but those who read this blog often enough will know that this is my opinion in many (if not most) cases, whether the defendent is found guilty or not guilty. But that’s not the argument I’m having right now. Michael Jackson has been found not guilty on all ten counts against him, and that decision should be respected.

Now we have to be concerned about Gavin Arvizo. Assuming (as we should and must) that the jury’s verdict is correct, then this fifteen year old boy has been living a very public lie for months, and possibly years. He’ll be hated by many Jackson fans, and his family quite possibly slated in the press. And yet, he’s got to somehow grow up as a ‘normal’ person. I don’t envy him, and I only hope that he gets the support he needs during the remainder of his formative years.

As for Jackson, I hope that he too seeks the psychological (and physical) help that it would appear to me that he needs, and that he recovers from the immense stress he’s been put through during this trial as a result of the false allegations.

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