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Who can resist Simon Hoggart’s description of Hilary Armstrong’s ridiculous behaviour at PMQs, and Cameron’s rebuke yesterday:

Hilary Armstrong, the Labour chief whip, started shouting, as she often does. She is the Commons’ bag lady, railing against anyone who hasn’t given her 20p. Mr Cameron broke off. “That’s the problem with these exchanges. The chief whip on the Labour side shouting like a child. Now, has she finished?” he yelled at her. “Have you finished? Right!”

It was a terrific coup de theatre.

I personally thought Cameron did extremely well at his first PMQs, and quite clearly left Blair flustered. I have to say, though, that I was far more impressed with his fantasically timed ‘absolutely’ when questioned about education reforms, than with his clearly rehearsed ‘You were the future once’. However, he certainly did much better than I had previously expected, and it makes his appointment all the more interesting.

Keeping with the Tories, but away from Camerson, The Grauny’s Wrap really amused me today, in relation to the Express’s response to Margaret Thatcher’s brief hospital admission:

The Express … front page, like the Mirror’s, is given over to Margaret Thatcher’s admission to hospital last night after complaining of feeling faint.

The former PM, now 80, is “stable and comfortable”, the Guardian reports, but it is hard to avoid the suspicion that the Express, while an unabashed fan of the Iron Lady, would prefer it if her condition was worse. A strap at the bottom of the front page, inviting you to turn to page five, tells readers that Baroness Thatcher was “weak and frail in last interview with the Daily Express.”

Whether this is technically correct in the sense that the Express intends to conduct no further interviews with her, a person normally has to die before you can start talking about the “last interview”.

You have to love the tabloids.

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