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Royal Mail strike: Quick fix

The ridiculous ongoing strike by Royal Mail workers which is risking lives and livelihoods is easy enough to fix: Simply change to paying the workers by cheque, sent in unmarked envelopes through the mail. I think the strike might end rather more quickly then.

I still don’t understand the aim of the strikes. Every day of disruption takes business away from Royal Mail, and increases the number of redundancies and level of pay-cuts which will be necessary to make the organisation competitive. The strikers are shooting themselves in the foot.

In the meantime, DHL must be celebrating the day they decided to offer their consumer courier service via Staples stores. It’s not cheap, but it works.

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Comment from gazza9000

    08.32, 11/10/2007

If you want to know what the dispute is about have a look at http://www.royalmailchat.co.uk – a site for postal workers and customers.
But briefly it is mainly about ‘flexibility’ – Royal Mail wants us to work any hours they tell us to regardless of family commitments etc (we do have a life outside of RM), and pension proposals – RM want to change the terms we were promised when we were employed by them, and make us work another 5 years to 65 for a smaller pension.

Comment from Mort

    22.35, 11/10/2007

How about having knights in suit of armour delivering mail?
Then we could tell bill collectors-“the cheque is in the mall.”

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