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2D: Abdication

Much has been written in the past couple of weeks about the possibility (and, indeed, the unlikelihood) of Queen Elizabeth II following the example of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands in abdicating. On the day of the Queen’s speech at the State Opening of Parliament, I thought it was worth highlighting two articles I enjoyed reading on this topic.

My first choice is an article that, to me, felt very British. This piece by Allison Pearson in The Telegraph suggests that that, contrary to many of the arguments about the perceived cruelty of placing strain on an elderly lady,

for our queen, the cruelty would be not to be allowed to keep her promise, the promise that will only be kept when she takes her last breath.

This struck me as a slightly unusual argument, but nonetheless it’s one opinion.

My second choice is this piece by Joris Luyendijk (who is Dutch) in The Guardian. From his international perspective, he sees the Queen’s ongoing service as a

drawn-out public castration to which Queen Elizabeth is subjecting her son Charles. You can’t help being born an heir apparent, but those who love you can help make it easier for you. Queen Elizabeth is not doing that, or so it looks to a Dutch eye.

The two articles are not quite so diametrically opposed as those quotes might suggest, but they do present to interesting different opinions on the issue, and are both worth reading.

2D posts appear on alternate Wednesdays. For 2D, I pick two interesting articles that look at an issue from two different – though not necessarily opposing – perspectives. I hope you enjoy them!

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Photo-a-day 274: The Queen


This picture of the Queen has been stuck on this black box on Gosforth High Street for months now. I’ve no idea where it came from. Is it a random bit of graffiti? Is it street art? Is it a leftover from some jubilee event? Who knows?

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Photo-a-day 159: Jubilee Corgi


Meet Jolly, one of the many cardboard cutout corgis currently littering the Metrocentre. This is, surely, one of the country’s strangest Diamond Jubilee celebrations…!

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