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Weeknotes 2022.46

A few things I’ve been thinking about this week. The forty-sixth post of a series.

This week has felt a little relentless… and there are still five days of this twelve-day stretch to go. I took my brother’s birthday present to the Post Office earlier this week but had forgotten to write the address on it: this is a measure of how fried my brain has become. Luckily, they were willing to lend me a Sharpie.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses on my local high street have been promoting a course called “Enjoy life forever!” this week, and I can’t help but think that this sounds more like a threat than a desirable outcome.

It’s been seven months this week since—after much dithering—I abandoned paper notebooks completely and dived into an electronic alternative. It’s been fine.

I think the secret to my success this time has been simply to replicate my paper-based habits. I’ve previously tried to tag and file things in logical ways, which just creates additional mental load for only marginal benefit.

Finding things by “flicking back” as I used to in paper notebooks is mostly adequate. Having the ability to search electronically is a clear additional benefit, as is the ability to jot something down in my notebook by whipping out my phone on the walk to or from work.

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