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    sjhoward.co.uk » War, no peace

    [...] War, no peace Filed at 23:21 on 2nd February 2006. Filed by sjhoward at 23:21 on Thursday, 2nd February 2006 under News, Politics. Evidence has been revealed this evening that Mssrs Bush and Blair decided to go to war on January 31st 2003, despite the abscence of another UN resolution. Of course, we all pretty much knew that anyway, but it’s going to be on the front pages for a little while again, mainly because this is further evidence that Mr Blair lied when he repeatedly said no decision had been taken. And there’s the unfortunate photo, right, of them following the meeting where they decided to kill tens of thousands of people, which instead looks more like the engagement-announcement sequel to this. Earlier this week, the 100th British soldier killed during this war gave his life for someone else’s country. The greater tragedy is that we’ll never know when the 100th, 1,000th, 10,000th, or 100,000th innocent Iraqi civilian was killed, because we never bothered even trying to count. [...]

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    In a somewhat similar vain, but probably not deserving of it’s own post:

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