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A little Monday morning inspiration…

Back in 2003, I pointed readers in the direction of a Guardian interview, by Decca Aitkenhead, with a teenage mother called Hannah White. She gave birth to Ebony in the middle of her GCSEs, and still managed to get great results.

The comment thread on my post turned into something of a support forum for teenage mums, which offers fascinating reading in itself. Hannah came along and contributed from time to time, but towards the end of last year it kind of petered out.

But now, Hannah herself has posted on there again, letting us know that she’s now got her degree and has started working full time in neurosciences, as Ebony has just turned five.

I just think this goes to show how the stereotypes of teenage parents can so often be wide of the mark.

Congratulations, Hannah, and all the best for the future. 🙂

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Classic Post: Denmark cartoon controversy

There really could be only one final post in this series of classics, given that I’m focussing on those with interesting discussions. The discussion following the publication of Denmark cartoon controversy was the biggest ever on the site – some of the comments are unintelligible rants, but many make interesting reading. Please remember to leave any further comments there, rather than here.

I do hope you enjoyed your Christmas, and (less importantly) this experimental series of classic posts – I hope that it will encourage you to browse the archives more often. Normal service will be resumed shortly!

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Classic Post: UK Life League and scare tactics

It’s a post that’s nearly six months old, but it’s still generating a fascinating discussion, so I thought it would be worth pointing you back in that direction: UK Life League and scare tactics.

Hopefully, you’ll agree that it’s well worth a read. Please leave any comments over on that post, to keep them together.

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Classic Posts: A Christmas treat

SnowflakeOver the festive season, I’ll probably not be around to post on the site.

So, to fill the gap, I’ve picked out some posts from the archive that are particularly interesting for the discussion they’ve generated – discussions you may have missed if you only read posts when they are first published. Four posts have been chosen in total – one for today, one for tomorrow, one for Christmas Eve, and one for Boxing Day – and a post will appear here on the front page pointing you in the direction of these interesting nuggets. This is the first time I’ve done something like this, so I hope you like it, and I hope it encourages you to dig through the archive of over 1,000 posts more often.

Just a quick note to say that ask that in all cases, please post any comments back on the original post. I’ve arranged for these comments threads to remain open longer than usual, since they normally close after a year (which would be most unhelpful when pointing you in the direction of old posts!).

Normal service will be resumed after Christmas.

“But what’s today’s choice?”, I hear you cry! Well, appropriately for Christmas, it’s a post which generated a lot of inspirational discussion from young women who were making the best of life, despite also being mothers. It was a very short post, whose discussion is many times longer. The original article referenced in the post is well worth a read too, if you missed it first time round. The post is: Being a teenage mum, originally posted back in September 2005.

I hope you enjoy the read!

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