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First snow of the year

I like the quality snow lends to daylight. I’ve mentioned that before.

I like the unusual perspective snow brings, the way everything looks a little different.

I like that snow muffles the sounds of the city, though not this time because there isn’t enough of it.

I like walking in from the cold and slipping into a lovely swimming pool, and the invigorating contrast when I leave, but that’s really more to do with the temperature than the snow.

I like that the pool is always quiet when it snows, presumably because the weather puts people off.

I like the way that, contrary to British stereotypes, life goes on as normal when it snows.

I like that warm electric buses can ferry me to where I need to be despite the snow, without relying on burning fossil fuels.

I like that there isn’t much snow, and it will hopefully melt away quickly.

I dislike that some modern infrastructure, like these continuously activating toucan crossings, seem unable to cope with snow.

I dislike how cold my hands and feet get when it’s snowy, wet cold being more irritating than dry cold.

I dislike all the dirt when it snows, mostly from grid trodden inside on people’s shoes.

I dislike the way I can’t trust myself not to slip, especially on frozen snow.

I dislike the myriad tiny ways that my lack of confidence in walking in snow disrupts my life as someone who normally walks everywhere.

I dislike the feeling when a flurry of snow falls from a tree and onto my head, or worse, down the back of my neck.

I dislike forecasts suggesting that more snow is on the way.

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