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I don’t remember that…?

Flicking through the Tesco Photobook I ordered of my elective in Canada, which arrived this morning, I note that many of the scenes are unfamiliar. All of them, in fact. The pictures are largely of Alie’s 90th birthday – or at least, I think they are. It’s hard to tell, because the text is in German… And the picutres, apparently, are set in Germany. The cover was right, the inside wasn’t mine. Tesco assure me they’ll sort it. We’ll see.

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Comment from Jonathan Rothwell

    19.19, 30/08/2007

I thought that the fact that it was from Tesco would have immediately connoted the fact that it’ll be trash or the wrong one altogether.

Comment from sjhoward (author of the post)

    14.11, 01/09/2007

That seems a little harsh… is there a story behind your dislike?

Actually, they’ve done a pretty good job of sorting it out, and were most apologetic – which is better than most companies of Tesco’s size.

Comment from Jonathan Rothwell

    17.50, 01/09/2007

Well, I have a Tesco mobile. It’s effectively a cobranded O2 thing, and Tesco have zilch online support, their phone support is patronising and costs 5p a minute, and normally leaves you with a robot. And their marketing texts just won’t stop, even though I’ve phoned, Emailed and written to them.

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