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Kilroy-Silk promises surprises with his new party

So Kilroy-Silk promises surprises with his new party? It’ll be composed entirely of trans-sexuals who are having affairs with homosexual dwarves? That’s the kind of person he’d be used to, after all his TV work.

How can he possibly beleive that this little party of his is ever going to get anywhere? He’s a delusional fool. But I’ll be watching the party launch (if anybody’s showing it) for the comedy value.

Now I’m off to watch PMQs.

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Comment from sjhoward (author of the post)

    17.22, 16/09/2005

Even by Kilroy standards, this was a surprise. So I guess he delivered.

Comment from sjhoward (author of the post)

    08.24, 02/02/2019

I know there’s a massive sticky note at the top of this post decrying its age, but I’ve just stumbled across it and spent half an hour wrestling with myself about whether I should delete it.

I can’t believe that I wrote about people from the LGBT community, or for that matter people of short stature, as the butt of an offensive joke in this way. I’m ashamed of myself.

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