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No more ‘I know best’, says Blair

It’s very strange that Mr Blair should suddenly realise that he has many flaws in the weeks coming up to a general election. And, of course, this leopard’s going to change his spots.

I don’t think anyone in the country would begin to believe Mr Blair’s new found humbleness, especially since

he offered no apology on Iraq, saying it may be best to disagree, though he believed that the eight million people voting in the Iraq elections might change minds

He won’t apologise because he still thinks he was right to take the country to war based on a false prospectus, and thinks that the moderate successes in that country will outweigh the heavy losses in the minds of voters. Whether or not he knew that prospectus was flawed (and don’t think he did) is irrelevant – If he makes such huge errors of judgement, logic says he has to go. So it’s something of a shame that he probably won’t (not that I’m going to stop trying…)

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