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Hold up! Before you read on, please read this...

This post was published more than 16 years ago

I keep old posts on the site because I often enjoy reading old content on other people's sites. It can be interesting to see how views have changed over time: for example, how my strident teenage views have, to put it mildly, mellowed.

I'm not a believer in brushing the past under the carpet. I've written some offensive rubbish on here in the past: deleting it and pretending it never happened doesn't change that. I hope that stumbling across something that's 16 years old won't offend anyone anew, because I hope that people can understand that what I thought and felt and wrote about then is probably very different to what I think and feel and wrote about now. It's a relic of an (albeit recent) bygone era.

So, given the age of this post, please bear in mind:

  • My views may well have changed in the last 16 years. I have written some very silly things over the years, many of which I find utterly cringeworthy today.
  • This post might use words or language in ways which I would now consider highly inappropriate, offensive, embarrassing, or all three.
  • Factual information might be outdated.
  • Links might be broken, and embedded material might not appear properly.

Okay. Consider yourself duly warned. Read on...

Please forgive my excessive salivation. After a week of waiting, I have finally been patched in to the university network in my room. All these years I have thought that broadband was ‘fast’ internet access. Pah. Bah, humbug. Broadband isn’t fast. I have a 10Mbps connection. Yes, 10Mbps. That’s 10 times faster than the current fastest ADSL connection available. Finally, webpages actually appear instantly. That tiny delay on broadband is eliminated. I am your God.

In other news, I have now been at university for a week. In my flat, there are (including me) three guys and four gals. This is interesting, particularly as I never see the guys. I don’t know why, but they never seem to be here. And when they are, they demonstrate the world’s WORST taste in music. Matt, the person in the room next door, was playing Sting at high volumes yesterday. I thought ‘interesting’, and ‘different’. It was only when he moved on to Craig David and Daniel Beddingfield that I started to wonder if he was, actually, a woman. The other guy, Tony, plays dance music. But we can forgive him, because he’s from Essex and doesn’t understand that it is not normal to wear shorts in October.

As for the girls…they’re all pretty much OK, friendly enough. They’ve done the usual girly thing of forming a little clique which involves them all going into one room to watch Hollyoaks and Eastenders. What fun that must be.

I’m in a special block. It’s special because it is one of only two blocks in the university to have shower doors instead of curtains. This wouldn’t normally strike me as the most interesting fact in the world, but so far I’ve had at least five people of the female persuasion asking if they can come over and use my shower some time. Of course, I didn’t try to dissuade them.

This week has obviously been Freshers Week . Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not one to get hammered, but I have been, shall we say, uncharacteristically tipsy on a few occasions. As someone who is crap with names anyway, being pissed doesn’t help.

So far, I’ve been told that I look like the following (in order of the number of times I’ve been told it):

1. Richard Griffiths

2. A Vicar

3. A GP

It worries me that I’m studying for five years to become something that’s only number three on my look-a-likes list. Maybe I should be doing acting instead.

As far as the course itself goes, it’s freakishly interesting. Did you know that the Bozo tribe (I WANT that tribe name) in Mali celebrate the urine of their young men turning red, as a sign of reaching adulthood? It’s actually blood in their pee, caused by an infection that all the men of the tribe tend to catch when they reach sexual maturity. So there you go.

As of 00.34 this morning I am an uncle. My new nephew is called Jensen (definitely not my choice), and weighed 7lb 2oz. Just thought I would share that with you.

It’s Sunday and that means that JRC is working today. That makes me laugh. And another thing that makes me laugh: The way people round here say newCASTLE, as opposed to NEWcastle. I also have a Scandinavian lecturer for biochemistry who can’t pronounce the word “protein”. He says something along the lines of “protyne”.

The whole IDS thing is starting to bug me now. I think his conference speech was enough, so do the polls. And yet the party still can’t unite behind their leader. Poor IDS tries to sort it by demanding that the ‘rebels’ explain themselves, and, in the process, makes the story run for longer. I still have a huge problem with proportional representation – in my opinion, the party that gets the most votes should come into power. I don’t care how you choose to rectify this, just do it.

The whole England / Rio Ferdinand thing is a bit much, as Jack said earlier in the week. But Beckham’s speech, you know the one, has become my news highlight of the week. It was pure comedy.

The Derren Brown thing was fantastic. The actual trick may have been fairly simple, but that’s not the bigger illusion: He’s managed to go from getting millions of people and the media interested and watching because he was supposedly risking his life, and his critics saying ‘it doesn’t matter if it was faked, it was great TV’. If you can show me one other magician who can pull that off, I’ll be impressed.

It’s my first session with the dead people tomorrow , so I’ll let you know how it goes. But that’s all for now.

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