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Second Anniversary

I’ve now been blogging for two years. Scary. You can read my first post (originally from The LBSC) here, and last year’s anniversary post here. Since this is a fairly significant occasion (I guess), it seems appropriate to post an update to the ‘99 things I proposed a little over a year ago…

1. Qualify as a doctor
» I’m 20% closer, but by no means there as of yet.

2. Do a parachute jump
» Not yet done, and no immediate plans

3. Go paragliding
» Also not yet done, and no immediate plans

4. Make a billion
» I’d like to say I’m close… but I’m not

5. Lose a million
» Thankfully, not too close

6. Write a textbook
» I typed my first year notes up and bound them appropriately, so that’s not a million miles away. But I don’t think it counts.

7. Write a bestselling novel
» Nope

8. Visit all seven continents
» I haven’t visited any more continents than I had this time last year. Nor, indeed, any more countries.

9. Drive / Be driven across America
» No plans

10. Drive / Be driven across Australia
» Again, no plans

11. Visit the poorest parts of Africa
» I watched Comic Relief. Not quite the same, though, methinks.

12. Visit the richest parts of America
» I watch The West Wing. Not quite the same, though, methinks.

13. Meet a US President
» I may have met a future US President… who can tell?

14. Complete a marathon
» I did the Flora Family Marathon. But it’s not quite what I envisaged when writing that aim. So it doesn’t count.

15. Give a million away
» I haven’t got a million!

16. Go in to space
» Some people say I spend most of my time on another planet…

17. Pay someone to cook and clean for me
» Not as of yet

18. Invent or discover something revolutionary
» Erm… no.

19. Be the Time ‘Person of the Year’
» I was one of ABC News World News Tonight‘s People of the Year. But not Time Person of the Year. Yet.

20. Win an Oscar / Bafta / Booker Prize / Nobel Prize or similar
» I’m not aware that I’ve done this yet.

21. Visit one / both of the Poles
» Not yet

22. Fly a plane
» Not even close.

23. Make a fire the old-fashioned way
» Haven’t tried

24. Own several houses
» Don’t even own one.

25. Make something useful
» papercdcase.com helps me do this regularly, but, again, it’s not quite what I had in mind.

26. Go on a rock star rampage
» Sadly not.

27. Get completely lost
» I did have great difficulty finding Tesco in Stockton (or more accurately, finding Durham Road). But I got there eventually. And I was never ‘completely’ lost.

28. Own a log cabin
» It’s not exactly on the to-do list.

29. Star in a wildly successful TV series
» Unless I’m the subject of some freaky reality show, then I’ve not done this.

30. Release a wildly successful single
» Nope.

31. Be a guest voice on ‘The Simpsons’
» They haven’t invited me yet.

32. Go through the ‘Basket’ till with a trolley full of goods separated into many different transactions
» I haven’t yet chosen to do this

33. Pull off a hoax that is reported as truth in a national newspaper
» No

34. Plant a tree
» Again, no

35. Live completely alone for a month or so
» Not yet

36. Stage a ‘punctuation crusade’
» I added an apostrophe to a poster that was missing one on the medicine noticeboard. But that’s about it.

37. Become a highly influential politician
» I blog about politics. But I don’t think I’m at all influential. And I’m no politician.

38. Become a regular columnist in a national newspaper
» Er – no.

39. Present a highly successful radio show
» You see, if I really wanted to do this, I could set up an internet station. But it’s not something that’s top of my list right now.

40. Find a hat that doesn’t make me look stupid
» I haven’t found a hat.

41. Own a house with an indoor swimming pool
» I don’t own a house

42. Travel in a submarine
» Again, no.

43. Go on a cruise
» Nope.

44. Live on a houseboat
» I’ve only been on one boat this year. And it wasn’t a houseboat. And I didn’t live on it.

45. Get married [provided I find the perfect partner]
» Err… No.

46. Drive / Fly around the country / world, visiting a different branch of McDonalds each day
» Nope.

47. Live in a foreign country (where English is not the predominant spoken language)
» Again – no.

48. Relearn Latin
» A medical degree is practically a Latin degree. But again, not quite what I imagined.

49. Have a home that is fitted entirely with a Home Automation System
» No

50. Help someone in desperate need
» I haven’t done this on a personal level.

51. Eliminate early mornings
» Sadly not

52. Travel first class. Everywhere.
» Again, no.

53. Achieve a world record
» Haven’t even tried.

54. Have a portfolio of highly successful businesses
» I don’t have even a single business

55. Teach
» Nope

56. Save a life (Hopefully more than one)
» Not directly

57. Read all the books I own
» I now have more unread books than I did last year!

58. Have more time to read the newspapers
» Not as much as I’d like

59. Employ a Personal Assistant
» Not as yet

60. Stage a ‘grammar crusade’
» Nope

61. See a total solar eclipse
» Again, no. Although I did see one on telly a few years back.

62. See a total lunar eclipse
» Nope

63. Visit Greece
» No

64. Take a tour of the White House
» Sadly not

65. Own the complete Oxford English Dictionary
» Not yet

66. Take part in a successful campaign to have Sport News removed from main News Bulletins, except for special events
» Haven’t tried, and haven’t even really moaned about it.

67. Appear on Newsnight in person
» I appeared on the Newsnight website… but still not quite what I was after

68. Write a Will
» No

69. Appear on Question Time in person (as part of the panel)
» Nope

70. Stage a successful series of concerts
» Strangely, no-one’s asked me to.

71. Make a difference
» Too vague to really say whether I’ve done it or not.

72. Plan my own funeral
» Nope.

73. Be transiently world famous
» No.

74. Own a Segway Human Transporter
» Not sure I really want one any more…

75. Sit on a jury
» Nah.

76. Buy an obscene number of Toasted Marshmallow Jelly Beans
» Haven’t even bought a single one.

77. Travel in a Hot Air Balloon
» No.

78. Present an award
» Nope.

79. Employ a butler
» Not yet.

80. Have a positive impact on as many lives as possible
» Again, too woolly.

81. Have a negative impact on as few lives as possible
» See 80.

82. Have a neutral impact on even fewer lives
» See 81.

83. Become transiently infamous throughout the world
» Nope.

84. Write (though not necessarily publish) an extensive autobiography
» The Learning Portfolio I did was vaguely autobiographical, though I wouldn’t call it extensive.

85. Become qualified in psychiatry
» Nope.

86. Make a historical mark on the world
» Who can say?

87. Learn how to wrap presents in a half-way decent manner
» Haven’t tried.

88. Have a piece of artwork made by me displayed in a famous gallery
» Depends what you call a famous gallery – is not the internet the most famous gallery of all?

89. Be there at a time when I’m needed
» Woolly.

90. Learn basic handywork skills
» Don’t really know what I had in mind here.

91. Learn about basic car maintenance
» Well, possibly I know the very basics. Again, not sure what I was thinking.

92. Be instrumental in ending / preventing a war in a peaceful manner
» Not that I know of.

93. Abseil down something big
» Nope.

94. Make an arch-enemy
» Haven’t really tried – possibly a good thing.

95. Visit Times Sqaure on New Year’s Eve
» No.

96. Learn to play the Harmonica
» Don’t know why I wanted to do that!

97. Stay at a Disney theme park over Christmas
» Nope.

98. Go to the Olympics
» Didn’t go, but did watch them on the box.

99. ‘Astonish the World’
» It’s not really for me to say…

So the progress so far is not exactly stunning. Will I be any further along by this time next year? Doubt it, but we’ll see.

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Comments and responses

Comment from Anon E Mouse

    15.09, 07/05/2005

Yawn! zzzz

Pardon me.

Rather than provide a boring list of boring things which you have not done, it would be much more intersting to read a list of interesting things which you *have* accomplished.

And if you want to ride a submarine, why not have a day out at the West Edmonton Mall?

Comment from sjhoward

    18.01, 07/05/2005

I guess that writing a list of things I have done would be more interesting. But this was supposed to be a list of things I hope to achieve at some point in my life, and I thought I’d revisit it a year after I wrote it to see if I’d managed any of them. Sadly, I haven’t, which does make a rather boring post. Maybe next year, if I’ve achieved some of them, I’ll be able to post some pleasant anecdotes about the experiences, and it’ll be less boring for you.

As for the submarine – the shopping centre version isn’t quite what I had in mind.

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