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‘Million Hit’ Day

I’ve just past one million hits for the year-to-date: That happened in March last year, July in 2006, November in 2005, and not at all in 2004. Given the relative paucity of new posts this year, the archive must be driving much of the growth – which is great news.

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Comment from Mort Karman

    00.17, 25/02/2008

Don’t Cry For Me Argentina.
Paco is my 12 year old dog.
He is my fur son.
My constant companion, he goes for help if I get a low blood sugar attack (from my diabetes) and stays by my side until I am helped.
My wife has even taught him to nag me when she is not home and able to.
Come nine P.M. if I am still at the computer or reading a book. Paco comes into my home office and growels at me until I get up and come to bed.
If I try to go outside in bad weather he blocks the door per my wife’s instructions.
I think if I brought a babe in he would bite her boob.
You can guess what he would bite on me.
Paco is a kind, honourable dog.
But in Argentina, Paco is a bad street drug.
It is a disgrace to have something like that named the same as my dog.
Paco and I are able to communicate-that’s how close we are.
I asked him how he felt about a street narcotic using his good name.
“I would not even wish that on a CAT,” was his reply.

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