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Newsflash: Patricia Hewitt doesn’t care

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My opinions have changed over time: I think it's quite fun to keep old posts online so that you can see how that has happened. The downside is that there are posts on this site that express views that I now find offensive, or use language in ways I'd never dream of using it today.

I don't believe in airbrushing history, but I do believe that it's important to acknowledge the obvious: some of what I've written in the past has been crap. Some of it was offensive. Some of it was offensively bad. And there's may be some brass among the muck (you can make up your own mind on that).

Some of what I've presented as my own views has been me—wittingly or unwittingly—posturing without having considered all the facts. In a few years, I'll probably think the same about what I'm writing today, and I'm fine with that. Things change. People grow. Society moves forward.

The internet moves on too, which means there might be broken links or embedded content that fails to load. If you're unlucky, that might mean that this post makes no sense at all.

So please consider yourself duly warned: this post is an historical artefact. It's not an exposition of my current views nor a piece of 'content' than necessarily 'works'.

You may now read on... and in most cases, the post you're about to read is considerably shorter than this warning box, so brace for disappointment.

Patricia HewittTo all those people that are complaining about Patricia Hewitt distancing herself from the recent (predictable) problems with Modernising Medical Careers, and saying she’s hiding behind Lord Hunt – you’re missing the point. She doesn’t care.

Patricia Hewitt has said publically that she thinks the NHS has too many doctors and nurses. If doctors are choosing to go abroad – good riddance! That’ll help to balance the books, so Ms Hewitt can pay for more managers.

After all, if doctors are starting to complain about things, then something’s clearly wrong: They’re not being worked hard enough if they have time to make a fuss. We clearly need more managers.

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Comment from Mort Karman

    00.01, 12/03/2007

We don’t need Doctors. We need a law saying people must not get sick. That is the way to solve the problem.
Seriously, every time I get disgusted with the health care in the U.S., I hear from the U.K. or Canada about the problems they are having.
Here in the U.S. the drug companies used to give free medications to people on low income or social security.
My wife and I are both on social security so we got our meds gratis.
Bright idea from the government–Part D Medicare.
This is supposed to help us little old pensioners pay drug bills.
Now it costs $274 every 62 days for my meds and about $160 for my wife.
At 67, my wife has to work in a petrol station to pay the drug bills.
I would go and mug little old ladies when they cash their social security cheques, but the little old ladies can beat me up. They can also run faster then I can.
My doctors tell me they have had their payments from government and insurance companies cut so they have to work longer hours to earn less money.
Perhaps you (and my son, who went back to medical school) should go to plumbing school. You would earn more money and have less problems.
My wife is Chickasaw Indian. She tells a story about her great grandparents.
Her great grandfather wanted to marry her great grandmother back in 1880’s Indian Territory (Oklahoma).
First he had to go to her parents to ask permission. He then had to spend a week with her father camping out and hunting and fishing. The resulting food had to be taken home so future mother in law could inspect and approve it. This was to show he could support a wife. (This was in the days before people worked at Walmart)The future mother in law approved and then the negotiations began.
The going price for a good wife in those days was usually a decent horse or cow, Dottie’s great grandmother cost her great grand dad 5 horses, 5 cows, some chickens and a goat.
Yes, this was expensive.
But her father was the tribe medicine man and even then the Doctor’s daughter was a prize catch.

Comment from Mister

    19.55, 04/04/2007

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