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Queen: I’ve had enough of this

Queen Elizabeth II

Earlier this year, when asked to remove her crown, the Queen walked out on Annie Leibovitz. Fantastically, the moment was caught by a documentary crew, and will be shown on BBC One this autumn. And, judging by the still above, she does a pretty good icy stare before marching out.

I think showing this footage is a master stroke. The nation’s fondness for the Queen comes from her human quality, and the fact that we’ll get to see the ‘real’ Queen – warts, angry tantrums, and all – can only play in her favour.

But one thought lingers… RDF, the documentary makers who’ve caught this seemingly incredible footage, are also the team behind Wife Swap. I wonder if the Windsors and the Al-Fayeds have a matching opening in their schedules any time soon?

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Comment from Mort Karman

    16.25, 12/07/2007

I am back on line after my move to a new home.
I had a decent move, but with a few surprises.
I did not know I had a basement swimming pool until the water was turned on.
The plumber came quickly (how did I rate that?) and solved that problem.
However, when I went to take a shower, The spritzer where the watercomes out was clogged so no water.
I wanted to shower with the neighbour lady but my wife would not let me, so the plumber had to come back and fix it.
Last night the fridge died. So did my mother. I had to make arrangements to give the fridge last rites and get a new one(delivered this morning)
The furnace man has the furnace working fine. It was over 90F all weekend.
One of our sons got the air conditioning up and running Saturday.
He is cutting down trees today as we write.
We have one bathroom working (or should I say had-the toilet in that one just refused to flush-with full load -of course)
I could go on, but you get the idea.
The BBC is reporting that HM Queen Elizabeth did not storm out of the photo session.
I can only say that when I had a photo session with the Queen, back in the early 1970’s she and her husband were very easy to work with.
I suppose asking a Queen to remove her crown is like asking an ordinary person to undress for the camera.
When Karsh took the famous portrait of Churchill he just pulled the cigar out of Sir Winston’s mouth and quickly took the photo.
Many world leaders and famous people are concerned about their image. Several US presidents have requested that they be photographed only from certain angles.
The photogs covering FDR were ordered not to show him as not being able to walk and using a wheel chair.
If you become a King or Queen, or the head of your country, whichever country that may be,you are able to get away with such antics.
Other people have to worry that the glass eye will get you.

Comment from sjhoward (author of the post)

    03.45, 13/07/2007

I’m glad the move has gone relatively well, and I’m sorry to hear about your mother.

As for the Queen story, I’ve posted a correction that is rivalling the original post for length here, including video of the incident where she didn’t walk out.

And isn’t it surprising how little the glass eye is mentioned? It’s a gift to sketch writers and cartoonists, yet it’s largely ignored…

Comment from Mort Karman

    15.56, 13/07/2007

I got the news about the death of my mother and my fridge at the same time Wednesday night.
I was devastated. I had to go to town at once and get a new fridge. I also had to make arrangements to bury it (the fridge).
Because of environmental issues it was harder to bury the fridge then it was to bury my mother.
In her case they just took her to the grave site and planted her.
The fridge has to be disposed of properly. It is sitting here in the house dead since Wednesday and I am waited for the fridge undertaker to come haul it away.
My mother died last Friday and was buried Saturday.
Cousin Bruce called Wednesday night to tell me about it. Her daughter simply took it upon herself to bury her and not tell anyone in the family. I hear she raided her bank accounts so I get ripped off on that too. Oh, well.
My wife, who had a good mother, knows hers is looking down on her from heaven.
My mother is looking up at me and saying, “Morty, you son of a bitch, why should you have the air conditioning? I need it more here. It’s hot.”
I was raised by my grandparents, whom I assume are looking down from above.

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