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A history of online news

Dave Gilbert’s written a great piece for the Beeb talking about his role in developing online news services. Well worth a read.

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Doctors get (even more) vocal about MMC

Doctors’ ProtestStableSound have made two songs about the complete mess Patricia Hewitt has created in MMC, which has left thousands of doctors without an appropriate job. Perhaps this reflects a small slice of the general feeling about the problem amongst the medical profession.

MMC Song:

Study for Nothing:

There are many, many more great songs from StableStound on other topics here, and I’ll be revisiting this very popular post soon for more musical discussion.

And there’s more on MMC coming your way tomorrow, right here. Can’t wait.

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Iran, the Navy, and BBC News 24

BBC News 24 coverageIt strikes me as interesting today that BBC News 24 is referring to Iran’s detention of 15 Royal Navy personnel as a “kidnapping”, which seems to me to be extremely loaded language.

Iran contests that the boats involved in the incident were in Iranian waters, while the UK and US state that they were within Iraqi territory, so it appears one word against another. If the Iranians are right (and it is very hard to tell in such disputed territory with complex divisions), then they are well within their legal rights to detain the Royal Navy personnel, so to describe them as “kidnapped” in this rather less-than-clear situation seems unfortunate at best.

Most other news organisations – including their own website – are using diplomatic terms like “seized” or “detained” which, in themselves, do not imply that either side is right. So why is BBC News 24 deliberately choosing to do differently? I hope, not least for the renowned journalistic standards of the Beeb, that this wasn’t a decision taken because “kidnapped” fits better on a headline graphic.

Some of their presentation decisions are already irritating and somewhat questionable, but if presentation is the reason for this decision, then standards really have reached a new – very depressing – low.

Image courtesy of dragonhhjh at TV Forum

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Gordon Brown eats his greens. From his nose.

Not the world’s most pleasant video… I know it’s not big, and it’s not clever, but it most certainly is Gordon Brown picking his nose and eating it at PMQs yesterday. In what I assume must be a Prime Ministerial way, of course, given that he’s after the top job. Mr Brown’s future rival Mr Cameron may be accused of not yet having a grip on the issues, but at least he’s discovered tissues.

[flashvideo filename=”http://sjhoward.co.uk/video/brown2.flv” title=”nologo” /]

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