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Being a teenage mum

If any proof were needed that the Guardian is the same as ever, Decca Aitkenhead’s profile of teenage mum Hannah White provides in the new ‘Family’ supplement. It’s a very inspiration insight, and well worth a read.

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Comment from Mark Williams

    11.09, 18/09/2005

“Ebony was never a baby, she was always an it.”

And, of course, according to the pro-abortionists, it is okay to kill ITs whilst they are still in the womb.

Comment from sjhoward (author of the post)

    11.13, 18/09/2005

So does that make Miss White an abortionist, since she agrees?

Comment from Bumble

    14.56, 28/02/2006

i’ve been searching for info for my PSHE coursework which is about teenage pregnancy. I just wanna say that becoming a mother at such a young age is NOT an easy way out of a hardworking life infact becoming an underage mother is extremely tough. I’ve nothing against teen mums and dads and of course i think alot of the stereotypes r ridiculous but i just disagree with young people thinking that becoming pregnant at a young age will make life any easier!

Comment from becki

    10.22, 14/03/2006

im 18 yr old mum i feel pregant at 17. the most annoying thing is that evertone expects that youny mums are single and had one night stand and fell pregant when thats not true

Comment from sjhoward (author of the post)

    20.40, 14/03/2006

That’s very true, and a very good point – thanks for the contribution.

Comment from katie

    14.44, 08/07/2006

I am researching this topic for my health and social coursework and i know how it feels to be a teenage mum because my aunt and mum have told me all about it. My mum was 19 when she had me an dnow she’s got three of us. I have a boyfriend and we are really close but we have vowed to each other that we won’t have sex until we are good and ready to give it a go.We both don’t want to be teenage parents.

Comment from Abbi

    18.28, 13/07/2006

im 4 and 1/2 months pregnant and im 18 years old. i hate the way people look at you and judge you just cause ur a young pregnant woman. they just assume that youve slept around. ive bin called numerous names but theyre nt true. its just hurtful that people just asume ur a slut

Comment from sjhoward (author of the post)

    19.05, 13/07/2006

Abbi – I quite agree with you. I don’t understand why this form of ageist prejudice is acceptable in society, when ageism related to the elderly is becoming increasingly unacceptable. I wish you all the best in your pregnancy and life as a new mum!

Comment from katie

    12.01, 16/07/2006

im 16 and just found out that im pregnant.my mum and every one is saying its best for me and my boyfriendif i get a termination. im really confused and have mixed emotions.i no i wont be able to support the baby but i could try and do my best.

Comment from Abbi

    19.42, 16/07/2006

Katie- u got to do wat is best for you. i was gettin told to get a termination but in my heart i new i wouldnt be able to do it. its your decision to make and no matter what u decide you mum will always stand by you. Help is available out there for teenage mums, you just got to weigh up your option and decide what best for you, it doesnt matter what any1 else says

Comment from sjhoward (author of the post)

    20.19, 17/07/2006

Katie – as Abbi says, it’s important to do what’s right for you. You should get as much advice and support as you can to help you through the situation, too. Provided you’re here in the UK, your local branch of Connexions should be able to tell you about all the support that’s on offer, and should be able to offer free counselling support too, which can be really helpful in these situations.

I’ve worked with Connexions myself, and certainly the braches I worked with were absolutely excellent in supporting young people in situations like yours. Either contact them through their website, or phone them for free (and, of course, confidentially) on 0808 0013 219.

Comment from Kate

    14.02, 26/07/2006

Katie- I wouldn’t judge someone if they got pregnant but at the same time i don’t think its right to get pregnant at such a young age. I think that if you do have a termination then you will be regreting what you have done because in such a short time you can grow very close to an unborn child. I’ve got family who know how you feel and they wish now that they had kept the child. Do what you think is best for you.

Comment from Emma

    13.59, 29/08/2006

i’m a teenage mum. i’m 19 and i have a daughter, Charli, who is 5 in october, and a son, Kieran, who is 3 in january. i was 14 when i had Charli, but i only decided to keep her because i was financially stable as my boyfriend has a good job with a good income. i knew that i could care for a baby, because i had been a substitute mum for my little brother Harry when my mum had become an alcoholic. i moved in with my dad and stepmum when i was 13, and became very close to my stepmum, so when i found out i was pregnant, went to her for advice and she supported me, as did my boyfriend. i chose to keep my baby only because i knew that i had a boyfriend who would support the baby finacially, i knew that i had a home that i could bring my baby up in and i knew that i could support a child emotionally.
i annoys me that when people find out i am teen mum, they assume that i am single, live in a council flat with my two kids, and claim benefits, none of which is true. i live in a three-bedroom council house with my boyfriend, Charli and Kieran and in the 5 years i have been a teen mum i have never claimed a penny in benefits. the stereo types of teen mums are so untrue. yeh, some teen mum are bad parents, but some 35 year old parents are bad parents. what difference does our age make?

Comment from kate

    19.49, 18/09/2006

oh my god i so respect all teenage mums i think that you are all brilliant and think you shoundnt be looked down on you its your choice and think u r all amazing well done xx

Comment from Anonymous

    18.06, 26/09/2006

you fckin slut

Comment from sjhoward (author of the post)

    01.06, 01/10/2006

Anonymous – I don’t know who you’re calling a ‘fckin slut’, but it must be very easy to be offensive in a comfortable world behind a guise of anonymity. How you can fail to respect people who’ve had the courage to deal with the situations in which they’ve found themselves with their heads held high, I really don’t understand. You can’t even manage to respond to other people’s situations without your mouth in the gutter.

I all for people expressing their opinions, but informed comments of substance are preferred over and above the slinging of insults.

Comment from kacey

    19.22, 08/10/2006

Calling A Mum Who Had a Baby At 14 a Slut Is So Wrong As Shes Not a Slut But Extremely Brave And Responsible!
I Am 17 And Have 3 Year Old Daughter Carmen Who i Love To Bits Its Hard But I Can’t Imagine Life Without Her

Comment from Stacey

    00.33, 11/10/2006

I was 13 when i fell pregnant and i kept my baby i am glad i did it because i knew it was the right thing to do at the end of the day i do get really funny looks going down the street but at the end of the day i just hold my head up high because im proud! When i get abuse from people saying im a slag and all that i just reply do you no my circumstances no so how do you know i wasnt raped then huh?!?! At that point they just shut up and im like yer you sound really big infront of your mates now init anyway if you want to read the full story about me its here http://observer.guardian.co.uk/magazine/story/0,,1881534,00.html about 3/4 of the way down (called teanage mother)

Comment from sjhoward (author of the post)

    15.32, 14/10/2006

The fascinating thing about the contributions to this thread so far are that the comments by the Teenage Mums are so articulate and well-thought-out, whereas the ones by people criticising them are unreasoned prejudice. It just goes to show how wrong stereotypes can be.

Comment from Kate

    14.55, 20/11/2006

No one shud b doubted about bein a mum cuz if its wat u want then its ur lyf.

Comment from Rebecca aged 18

    16.54, 27/12/2006

Hia people im 18 and expecting my 1st child.
Ill be 19 by the time ive had my baby.

I do think that you need to have money, an education for a job of all sorts, like im a beautician and hairdresser. Im one of the lucky ones as my boss of the Salon (toni & guy salon in liverpool) has a baby aswell and so do some of the workers there so we can all bring our babies in as she has built a little nursery at the back.

Yes i am a single mum but life goes on. 🙂 I’ve just got a council house which is a newly built house and is really nice and yes it maybe abit rough but at least ive got me and my baby a house over our heads and im earning money, and im working all through week and as im quite far from my mam im trying to keep busy and have the best life!

So you people that pass judges to teen mums there are some people that are different than you think!!! so u can stop chopsing and dnt pass judges around.

Comment from Anonymous

    16.35, 29/12/2006

I’m 17 and found out 3 weeks ago that i’m pregnant. I went for an abortion today but couldn’t go through with it. I feel awful now that I ever even considered aborting my baby. I might only be 18 when my baby will be born but I know that i’m going to be a fab mum and my boyfriend will be an amazing dad.

Comment from abbi

    10.50, 30/12/2006

well since i last wrote i have had my baby. i had a little girl on the 6th december and i am telling you its the best feeling in the world to know that this little baby is the result of you and its amazing the feeling that you get knowing that she is yours. it makes all the dirty looks and snide comments worthwhile. yea its tiring but i wouldnt change her or anything for the world. i love her to bits. it doesnt matter wat age you are, anyone who has had a baby or is having baby are very brave people as these babies rely on you for everything.it is so rewarding knowing that u can give them what they need and they will always love you, even from day one.

Comment from georgie

    21.17, 03/01/2007

iam 17 and have 2 kids woth my fiancee steve,my first child was with steve and she is called luna,luna is 1 and a half and is a very special as she has a condition with makes it hard to breath and somtimes she can stop breathing ::cry: as it is very worrying,my 2nd child was born on the 22nd december and she is called lucy,lucy has got a very bad heary condition and they are both very hard 2 handle as steve is always working but we live in a 6 beddroom hous and alltogether they is 24 rooms int he house so we aint poor! frm geo

Comment from danielle

    11.53, 04/01/2007

hey i think abortion is wrong

Comment from sjhoward (author of the post)

    00.51, 05/01/2007

Danielle – Just thought you might be interested to know that there’s a big debate about abortion going on over on this post. You’re more than welcome to contribute!

Comment from shirley

    23.11, 06/01/2007

I would just like to say that my daughter was 14 when we discovered she was pregnant.She has a gorgeous little girl who is 18 months old now ,having had KJ she has grown up in so many ways .I am so proud of her and disagree with anyone who thinks teenage mums are wrong .With the right sort of help and support the babies and mothers can have as good a lives as any other mum.My daughter continued with her educatioon and is now in college for nursery nursing (a career she chose before finding out she was pregnant) I wish all the teenage mums reading this the best of luck for their and their babies future.

Comment from AnJel

    21.35, 13/01/2007

hey yah im 19 and my son is 2 and he is my every thin bein a mother is the most awesome feelin ever but unfortunatly i am one of those solo mums and my babies father does not want any thing to do with my son 🙁 but i figure its his loss every day i look at my son and think “who woodnt wanna kno my baby boy” but i kno tht my son has alot of people who love him and care him with out his father
also i disagree with abortion unless you are raped
thank you

Comment from kate

    12.43, 21/01/2007

i think u r al fab i wud luk up 2 u anydai im 15 n i just found out i got polycycstic ovaries and i may not b able to av kids so i reli do admire u al gd luk 🙂

Comment from Becca

    20.23, 21/01/2007

hey x
i think u all seem such luvly ppl and ur babies r so lucky to have such wonderful mums (and dads) who luv them.
good luck in the future

Comment from Jess

    15.02, 22/01/2007

hi, i am curretnly in a lecture about teenager preganancy, and some of the statisitics i am being taught as part of my Helath and Social BTEC outrage me.
eg. babies born from women 16-19 will grow up to be either a drug user, delinquent, poor, low paid, abused or abuser….can u believe that???
i am asolutlely outraged, i was born wen my mum was 16 and im perfectly fine…ithink lol…and im 17, im currently considering trying for a baby, ive been with my fiance for 2 years next week and he’s very excited about it, hes 18. i wish you all good luck, i have a lot of respect for you, jess xxx

Comment from Anonymous

    15.26, 22/01/2007

my daugher is 3 months pregnant she is17 she is no slut it was her first time anyways i will support her all the way i was a young mum too i had 6 kids and love it i am 36 now my eldest is19 you do the maths i love my life wouldnt trade it for the word yes theres been hard times but they never broke me and the abundance of love that rebounds around my home is a gift from above.thats what children are gifts we carnt wait to unwrap our new addition. im waiting for the cut of the eyes of people when she starts to show and ill be there to cut right the bloody hell back.most people who think they have the right to judge should take a goood long hard look at their own lifes and remember someone was pregnant with them once how old were their mums.

Comment from bernadette

    15.41, 22/01/2007

o all the young mums out there please put your kids first dont have a shit load of differant dudes in and out thier litle lifes keep a clean house your children come before you and partytime and be carefull of pedaphiles do you really know whos watching your kids some not all but some young mums are sooo bloody thick.when its hot dont let em walk without shoes keep hats on em .lots of love man thats allllll that counts you got it

Comment from bernadette

    15.48, 22/01/2007

whoever called these young mums a slut owwwww you fucking piece of low life shit id love to face you personally and bust your head ohhh thas right your sitting on it

Comment from bernadette

    15.53, 22/01/2007

about abotion dont do it you will never lie in bed strait again im not religious no women ever gets over the fact she killed a kid that life stars as soon as its concieved so dont try to convince yourself otherwise

Comment from AnJel

    04.52, 23/01/2007

i wood jus like to say i am not a slut and i am not ez at all …. my son is my every thin i dnt kno wea i wood b today if i didnt hav him he changed my life…. he is 2 now and to this day i still get looks from people and bein judged and it hurts but i guess its all part and parcel of bein teen mum aye
……bein a mum is an awesome feelin bein a teen mum is even betta

Comment from IcclexAngel

    21.31, 01/02/2007

I’m 17 in a week n ma baby is due in August n i couldn’t b happier! I hav bin binb wiv ma fiance 4 jst ova 2yrs nw n i no dat we r both ready n want dis mor dan nefing! n i no e’ll make a gr8 dad n i ope i make a gr8 mum! i regret 2 say dat tha same time last yr i had an abortion! i knew in my heart dat it was tha rong fing 2 do bt i gav in2 tha pressur of evry1else n pushed aside ow i felt n i regret dat mor dan nefing bt i beleive nw dat i’ve gt a second chance n nuffin will stp me having dis bby!! I h8 dat ppl say teenage gurls get pregnant 2 get a flat or so dey dnt hav 2 wrk! i neva planned 2 get pregnant, i was sposd 2 go 2 college n den uni n get a career bt dats nt ow it happened n i no dat it is going 2 b so hard bt i want 2 do it! i want dis bby mor dan nefing!! n though i will b a teenage mum i am applying 4 college in september and will opefully complete a btec in childcare n go on 2 opefully wrk with children! so nt all teenage mums r stereotypical chavs claiming evry benefit dey can sum still try 2 get demselvs an education and a propa job!!

Comment from AnJel

    05.16, 02/02/2007

ok i must admit tht i am on a benefit but i am livin in my own place jus me and my son and i and studyin so i am able to get a betta future for me and my son and yeah i cud go out and get a job at some where like mcdonalds but i kno i wood hav to work alot of hours to get any thin close to wat i get on the benefit AND i wood hav less time to spend wit my son …. which is why i am choosin to study cos my son is here wit me, i am betterin my future and i am gettin money for it … wats rong wit tht ?

Comment from suzie

    13.44, 05/02/2007

I’d just like to say im 18 and expecting my first baby in September. I’m still with my partner and have been for nearly 2 years. We are very much in love and want this baby more than anything. I hate the fact i walk down the street and people give me a dirty look because im pregnant and young. People think just because we are young we will be irresponsible and wont care for the baby. Well they are wrong age doesnt matter. This baby is going to have the best life i could imagine. Oh yeah and all them people who judge need to get a life coz they obviously ent got one if there interfering in our lives. Good luck to everyone.  🙂 

Comment from kate

    10.17, 06/02/2007

I bin wit my boyfreind for a long time now and even thou we have thought about children we don’t want them at such a young age. I love him to bits and i no he wil be a good dad to our children but we have said we wil wait. All you young mums out there are fab and i cnt blame you for having children if you want them cuz its ur life. I hope you all the best for the future and ignore everything everyone says. x.x.x

Comment from Laura

    21.10, 16/02/2007

i’m 15 n pregnant i had an abortion bookd but i couldnt go through wiv it every1 i no as bin tryin 2 make me have an abortion bt i coudnt my baby is due in september and i couldnt b happier that am pregnant although my boyfriend as sed es goin 2 support me he is findin it hard to deal with it i no hes goin 2 be a great dad e doesnt fink e wil. i h8 ppl that think all teenage mum r sluts they dont no us!! gud luck every1 xXx

Comment from confused??

    12.04, 19/02/2007

hello everybody, im 17 and have bin with my boyfriend a year and a half. i am about 7 weeks pregnant and am booked in for an abortion tomorrow. i am so confused and still dont know if i can go through with tomorrow. i have a diploma in child care at A level so am so maternal and adore children. i always said i was against abortion and still am but am worried about how being a teen mum would effect my child. my bf has told me he wont stay if i keep it and my dad wont have me living in this house with my baby. i want nothing more than to be a mum to this child and know i could do it but im so affraid that i wouldnt get a house given to me in time and also i would have to live on benefits. ive got to decide all this by tomorrow morning and jus dont think i can please help me? xxx

Comment from IcclexAngel

    13.21, 19/02/2007

First of all i’ve bin thur and i no exactly ow u r feeling except i was 15. At the time I wanted the baby more than anything in the world but me and my boyfriend had only been together a year and he wasn’t ready and made it clear to me that he wasn’t ready for a baby. I had a lot of pressure from family and my boyfriend and in the end i pushed my feelings aside and i went through with an abortion! and i regret it more than anything i have ever done! And I promise you that if u really want this baby and you get rid of it it will cause problems emotionally! It does to everyone. After my abortion i could hardly go near my boyfriend for a long time and i blamed him for everything, all i kept thinking about was how old would it be now and wot would it look like and i hated myself for doing it! And I also have a friend my age who went through an abortion last year and she’s exactly the same, everyday she’s tellin me how old it would be when it was due and everything. Now i’ve just turned 17 and I’m 14 weeks pregnant, i’m still with the same boyfriend and we are both so scared but afta wot happened before and the problems the abortion caused in our relationship we know that this is the right thing to do. plus i kinda said that this time it was up to me whetha i keep it and thats it so nobody else really had a choice! and my boyfriend kinda went a bit awol at first, we broke up and he told me he wanted me to have an abortion and all his family were on my case aswell but i knew in my heart wot the rite thing for me was and now afta ALOT of talking me and my boyfriend are ok, back together and we couldn’t be happier about this baby! My mum has also said that I have to move out and have onli 3 more weeks to find a place but the council are helping me with that at the moment. I know that for a little while i will have to live on benefits even though i realli don’t want to. my boyfriend will be getting a job afta he’s finished his A levels and i’m trying to find sum part time work jst to get some extra cash to make fings a bit easier. But you can get lots of help from different people e.g you can get upto £155 a week for childcare if you were working or wanted to stay at college or uni. or what i’m doing is a home child care course so i can look afta my baby and still get some qualifications so that i can hopefully still have a career. if you do go through with having the baby don’t think that you are on your own beacause your not! There are lots of people out there that can give you support financially and emotionally and if you want to talk at all then my email is icclebabigurl_g@yahoo.co.uk or my msn is gemma733@hotmail.co.uk Just make sure wot ever you decide, you do it for you, nobody else, and don’t bottle up your feelings.

Comment from confused??

    16.05, 19/02/2007

thanks alot for writing back so soon. its good to hear from some body who is in the same situation because although thousands of people out there are going through this you do feel so alone. i dont know what ill do tomorrow, will just have to hope im strong enough to say no. i want this baby more than any thing and am prepared for the concequences. ill come back on soon and let you know how i get on. all i know is that all this baby needs is love and i have got so much of that to give. thankyou i will add you on msn!

Comment from IcclexAngel

    16.35, 19/02/2007

I’m glad you seem like you’ve made a decision and if its truly what you want then stick by it! Like I said you can alwasy talk to me on msn. Good luck for tomorrow and be strong 🙂

Comment from IcclexAngel

    16.39, 19/02/2007

I’m glad that you seem to have made a choice and if your truly happy with it then stick by it! You can do this if you really want to and theres a thousand people that can help you so don’t let anyone tell you that you’ll be on your own cz u won’t be. Like i said you can speak to me on msn. Good luck with tomorrow i’ll be thinking of you 🙂 and be strong 🙂

Comment from confused??

    15.48, 20/02/2007

hello todays the day i went for the termination. i went in there at 9.50 and we didnt leave untill two. didnt realise so much waiting around! i decided to go through with it as i realised that my dream of being 28 and married with a mortgage was the best option for me. i dont feel any regret now, i feel like i can be 17 again. im just so looking forward to growing up, going to uni and becoming a teacher meeting my husband and spending the rest of our lives together. single parenthood just wasnt best for me in the end. i wish everybody the best of luck in your decision and the best advice i cld ever give which i got told is do what is best for you, be selfish and dnt think of any 1 else at the end of the day as hard as abortion is you will get over it and its not the end of the world. well thats what i found obviously not every body will feel that way. but Good luck every body and thanks for helping me in my time of need xxxxxxx

Comment from AnJel

    20.07, 20/02/2007

i hav to say tht if i didnt hav my son wen i was 17 i dont kno where i wood b today before i got pregnant alcohol played a big part in my life as did partyin and alot of other stuff …. wen i found out i was pregnant i was scared but i knew i wanted to change and this where it had to start. didnt touch a drop of alcohol in ova a year and now i hav a beautiful 2 year old son and he is my every thing to imgine my life with out him is impossible, i dont think i wood be here if it wasnt for him…. of course bein a solo teen mum is hard work and u jus take every day one day at a time but its worth every second of every day …. i dont kno if n e one will read this but please think about wat ur doin wen u r havin sex… if u do the deed then u hav to deal wit the consequences it is not the innocent childs inside you’s fault that u went out and had sex and got pregnant, i kno tht wat i am sayin may get alot shitt thrown at it but if u really think about it (unless u r raped and get pregnant) abortion is rong. think every year wen the time of your abortion comes youll think my about ur baby and wat it wood b doin at this age and every thing like tht. thanks for readin

Comment from confused??

    21.21, 20/02/2007

i respect your opinion in the fact that you continued with your pregnancy and it really helped you. But for you to sit there and say its wrong i find a very unfair comment. obviously every one is entitled to freedom of speech and an opinion but now i have been through it it really does put prospective on things. i find it hard for people to tell you its wrong when at the end of the day its a very personal decision that each person has a right to make. i did do the deed and unfortunatly due to sickness and diorreah bug my pill didnt work and yes i may think every day of what i have done but i know for me now it would have ruined my life. last week i got accepted to Brighton uni for teaching im going to go because thats my decision. i want to have money a house, a mortgage and a husband before i bring a child into this world. i know if i have a child now i will for my circumstances have to live on benefits in a council house and thats just unfair on a poor innocent child.

Comment from AnJel

    07.27, 21/02/2007

well u cn make all the excuses in the world it still dont change the fact that u killed a child there is other ways but i guess all tht mattas to u is tht u hav a gud life aye …. thts not bein selfish at all ….

Comment from IcclexAngel

    08.40, 21/02/2007

I don’t think eitha 1 of u is rite or rong! I hav always 100% disagreed wid abortion n sweard dat i neva wld and i still feel like dat bt at tha same time u may call me a hypocrit bcz i had 1 at 15! nw its diff 4 evry1 bt 4 me i regret it mor dan nefing and ur rite Anjel i spent the next yr thinkn wen wld it b born, wot wld it lk like and i no my friend hu decided 2 hav 1 a lil while ago is exactly tha same! I became obsessed wid abortions n was searching dem on tha internet and wen u read how dey do it and 1 article had very graphic pictures, u realise that they r human beings n I h8 maself 4 wot i did n i realli wish i neva had! luckily i hav anufa chance, exactly a yr afta i was last pregnant i am pregnant agen! i dint realli plan it but i supose subconsciously i did, bt i cldnt b happier and jst bcz i’m havn a baby at 17 dusnt mean i cnt hav a husband, career and a nice house! b4 u hav sex u realli shld fink bcz these bbys dint ask 2 b brought in2 dis wrld and if u fink ur responsible and old enuf 4 sex den u shld b ready 2 b responsible 4 a bby! if any1 is finkin of havn an abortion b4 u do search it on YouTube, c ow u feel den!

Comment from sjhoward (author of the post)

    11.11, 21/02/2007

‘confused??’ – Whatever anybody else on here is telling you, you are the only one who knows for sure what your personal circumstances are, how you feel, and ultimately what the right decision was for you.

If you do struggle with your decision over the coming days, especially if people are constantly telling you that you’ve done the wrong thing, then you can always call CARE, which is an organisation which specialises in over-the-phone post-abortion counselling, on 0800 028 2228. You can even chat to them online at their website careconfidential.com. They also have a guide to some of the emotions you might experience here.

Whatever anybody says, you did what you thought was best for you at the time. I wish you all the best.

Comment from IcclexAngel

    12.20, 21/02/2007

At least you’ve got someone to talk to and it’s a good idea that you postd tha details on ere cz i realli wish i’d had sum1 2 tlk 2 and ur rite it is different for evry1’s needs and circumstances.

Comment from confused??

    15.51, 21/02/2007

thanks sjhoward, after reading AnJels comment i sobbed and cried till i was a reck. she thinks she needs to tell me ive killed my child, i do know that and its hard enough 2 deal with that without being told it. i came on here for support and due to one vindictive comment have completly broken down. i will have to live with what i have done for the rest of my life and the only way i was coping was by telling my self all the things i wrote before but inside a part of me has died too. so if you think im selfosh think that and say it but you cant break me and hurt me any more than i already am now.

Comment from jess

    16.24, 21/02/2007

to confused?
i do not doubt your decision was well founded, but as an anti-abortionist, i disagree with what you did, however, if you found it was the rong time in your life blah blah, then fine, im glad you made the right decision 4 yaself
on the other hand, the comment you made yesterday i really really disagree with… ‘live on benefits in a council house and thats just unfair on a poor innocent child.’
1. 1 in 6 people in the UK live or have lived in a council house.
2. living on benefits for the first few months is not so much a bad thing
3. council houses are so UNDERRATED! every1 sees them as a negative! ive lived in one since my parents split up when i was 12, and me and my partner are currently preparing to try for a baby…and at the moment, a council house seems a great option, and between us we make about £500 a week.
i hate the fact people look down on council estates.
i think whatever somebodies decision about having a child or terminating it, is a very private one, and shudnt even be debated if the person has made up there mind…but i feel like after reading all of ur comments from the one that u sed that u were going to keep the child, i fee like ur decision wasnt for urself, it was for those around you.
forgive me if i am wrong, just my perspective

Comment from confused??

    16.35, 21/02/2007

i really do appologise that my comment came across like that. i wasnt putting down people on benefits etc because i come from a single parent and we lived on benefits etc so i dnt mean to sound like im looking down my nose, it was not intended like that at all. what i ment was that for my situation i would have to do that if i had kept the child and for me personally having been through that for my child hood as a personal opinion didnt want to do that for my child. i didnt say i disagreed with them i just said that i didnt want that for my own child after seeing my mum struggle. and replying to your last bit. you are spot on. my boyfriends mum really spoke down to me and made me feel like i had no confidence in myself and made me feel as if i wouldnt cope. i was so confused and yes i wanted that child and yes i was pushed into my decision and its still soon to tell wether i will ever forgive myself. i hope i can move on. but as i said sorry to any one who reads that comment and thinks i was putting down people on benefits etc cause i honestly didnt intend to do that

Comment from AnJel

    00.25, 23/02/2007

im a solo mum on the benefit i dont live in a council home but i got my own place…. my babies father dont even wanna kno my son…. instead of ppl comin on ere to say mean things bout teen mums and ppl thinkin they beta then us…. come and talk about how teen fathers tht hav sex and dnt hav the balls to b a man and b there for there child like they shud b….

Comment from jess

    12.35, 23/02/2007

well, after you left the comment replying to mine, i must apologise if it upset you or come across mean, but it is a pet hate! like when i tell people that i live on a council estate ive had comments like “why are you poor?” or “oh thats where people live that cant afford to get real jobs isnt it?” honest to god, the things ive had to put up with from snobby little idiots that tell me im not good enuff and assume that every1 that lives on a council estate is either a druggy or a teen mum (actually, i had to sit and endure that at school once, sum rich kid was giving a talk in english, and we could pick whatever subject we liked, and she chose to tell everybody about the kinds of people living on council estate and that she belived that every council estate should be destroyed and we shud plant trees there insted….) trust me i nerly killed her….anyways, i admire ur stregnth, but u shud NEVER let ANY1 push you into a decision or situation you are not happy with. its not yourself you shud be hatn ryt now, its the pricks that bailed on you, wen u needed them most…

Comment from confused??

    18.45, 23/02/2007

yeah i agree, i used to live on a ‘council estate’ but to be honest i didnt think that the houses looked like you would imagine the stereo typical council houses, i actually really liked that house! so its jus narrow minded people that should be ignored! as long as ur happy who cares, yeah i know i think they just thought they knew what was best for me but didnt consider the fact that i actually wanted the baby. but its too late now hey. wish you the best of luck and your partner on trying for a baby! hope its healthy and happy and you have a wonderful life as a family!! xxxx

Comment from Anonymous

    16.07, 27/02/2007

i have just been looking at some of the other things on the net and people really are so nieve and dont have a clue at all im 16 i got pregnant soon after i left school it was a shock becoz i was using contreception i live with my boyfreind and we struggle to pay the rent and everything else every week i dont work but i had just moved to a new area when i fell pregnant so that is the reason why! i have not recived a penny off any benefits and i am not entiteled to any grants to buy things. so people who think people like me live off benefits are completley wrong i no a middle aged woman who is single has another child every year and pays no rent or tax and gets over a thousand a month in benefits so why dont people target the people like her and the smack heads that get all the benefits meaning that people like me and my boyfreind get NO help what so ever.

i would never of had an abortion but i think the reason most people do is so they dont have to face telling there family well i put it off for ages but my mum has been great and has got used to the idea i think the people that deserve the bad name is the ones who go out get pregnant then get a free abortion they should have to face up to there responcabilaties and they should use contreception in the first place.

its hard because im away from my freinds in a new area but im having my baby in 6 or 7 weeks and i will make just a gooder job of it as any narrow minded snob will.

Comment from jess

    21.51, 27/02/2007

well sed gurl, i must agree!
but what you said about that you arent entitled to any grants….sounds a bit odd mate, make sure that the midwife isnt bein funny with you cos your young! i know a girl who didnt know she could get a grant, shes 21 weeks, and turns out her midwife didnt think she would know about it cos shes 17, so never offered her the information! get that followed up! every1 is entitled to it

Comment from abbi

    09.42, 01/03/2007

im not ashamed to say im on benifits!! my baby girl is 3 months old and im on maternity leave from university, im only 18. yea i get a bursary from them but its not classed as income so im entitled 2 some benifits. and to say your not on benifits is rubish cause once your baby is born, no matter who u r, u get child tax credit and family allowence depending on ur income! plus near enough every1 is elegible for free milk tokens! so just cos im on benifits does not mean im an acoholic or on drugs cause im not and i dont live in a shitty estate either. im a good mum and give my baby everything that she needs (if i can afford it). im deffinatly not a teenage mum who leaves her kid 2 go out and get drunk. vbotg my boyfriend and i r at university studyin to get a better future for our little girl.

Comment from rachel

    23.46, 06/03/2007

i think council property is fine, i’ve been brought up in council property in decent villages.
no one can judge you for claiming benefits if your a single parent , you should have the choice to be there for your child. i personally want to spend most my life bringing up a family , but i think it’s whats good for you . however, i cant see why someone would have a gorgeous lil baby to go and leave them with strangers, to get back to their all important job, so their not judged.
i also strongly dissagree with abortion!!! so your partner says he’ll leave you if you keep it.. your really going to choose them over your unborn child?
just remember how lucky you are to be pregnant, think of all the women unable to conceive.

Comment from LiamzMummie

    01.46, 07/03/2007

thank u rachel finally some one i can agree with imagine u havin an abortion becos “ur man” doesnt wanna keep it and if u do then he will leave do u really wanna spend your life wit some one like tht ? chances are u prolly wont when you are young guys come and guys go u may hav jus gotten rid of the best thing tht eva happen to for wat some guy to find some one he thinks will be better then u dont get me rong some relationships do last but some dont THINK ABOUT IT

Comment from IcclexAngel

    17.14, 07/03/2007

I do agree dat it should b uyr choice n nt decided jst bcoz ur boyfriend dusn’t want it bt its nt always that easy. I was pregnant and tho my boyfriend sed e wld stand by me if i did hav it e wasn’t ready n wld ratha w8! bt i dint want 2 pressure im in2 it n i dnt feel that it wld’ve bin fair 2 brng that child in2 tha wrld without both parents wanting it, i no wen u make tha decision u do hav 2 b selfish n do wot u want bt that dusn’t mean u cnt think bwt how it’s gna affect evry1 else. And say if u did keep tha bby n e left u bcoz of it…e wld always b in ur life forever! ow wld u feel bwt that? Luckily me n my fiance hav anufa chance a yr on and nw that e’s leavn college this yr n as a couple we’re stronga n more mature we’re ready 4 this bby n cldn’t b happier!!! 😀 I dnt fink u can base ur opinion on abortion by reading otha ppls views! abortion is entirely dwn 2 ow u feel! no1 else, jst bcoz utha ppl say dat u shldnt do it n its rong dusnt mean its nt rite 4 u n tha circumstances that ur in! b strong n do wot u wana do!!

Comment from *tAra*

    19.22, 07/03/2007

im 17years old and im 6weeks pregant i dont know what to do as im at college doing hair and beauty and my boyfriend is in sales and manegment. so i suppose we could afford it.
im also doing my driving lessons so that helps!
I think me and my boyfriend would be ready for having the baby but its just my family i think they will be disapointed in me as they wanted me to have a reallly good start in life and would look down at me.
i dont know if im too young to be having a baby.
im keep feeling really broody and keep watching baby programmes on tele, but then i sit there sometimes and think can i have this baby would it ruin my life would it stop me doing things ?

Im so confused…..

after reading all these comments i think there are some amazing mums on here and i wish you all the best of luck for the future xxx

Comment from LiamzMummie

    23.38, 07/03/2007

i am a solo mum and hav been since my son was 2mnths old wen i was pregnant my partner and i were happy and cudnt w8 to b parents he seemed more excited then me some times and after he was born things changed dramaticaly he became jealous of my son and it was hard decidin to leave but i knew i had to do it…. but now my son is 2 and his father wants nothing to do wit either of us
to tara congratz on bein pregnant and your family will be disappointed at first but once they see ur tummy gettin bigger over every mnth and the moment they lay their eyes on ur child they will forget all of tht i personally dont think your too young to hav a baby but this is jus my opinion so yeah
i had my son wen i was 17 and it was the best thing tht eva happened to me, so PLEASE think about things seriously and there are other ways not jus abortion …

Comment from IcclexAngel

    10.26, 08/03/2007

CONGRATULATIONS!! Tara congrats on tha pregnancy i’m happy 4 u n ur partner…i’m 17 n 17wks pregnant, wen i tld my parents they wernt too bad bwt it! it took us 3mnths to tell my fiances parents bt wen we tld them…well they r still nt speakin 2 me so i understand wot ur worried bwt! They really did go mad n i’m nt allowd in their house! evry1 else in his family is fine n realli happi 4 us, in fact his nans already bought us HUNDREDS of clothes n blankets lol u jst hav 2 giv them time. his mum seems 2 b coming around already a lil bit n i’m sure his dad will in time! wen they c tha scans, n u strt buyin lil clothes n prams n stuff, n wen they c dat gorgeous lil bby thats thur granchild, ow can they stay angry! thur gna wana b a part of its life! if u want to keep this bby den u do that , dnt do wot other ppl want or try to force u 2 do! if ur happy n ur boyfriend is happy bwt it then everyones else wil b happy 4 u, and if ur parents do get angry u can understand they jst want tha best 4 u n thur worried bwt u bt they’ll cum rnd, they always do. let me no ow it goes, gd luck 🙂

Comment from Hope

    20.51, 12/03/2007

It sounds crazy, but i didn’t even no i was pregant until i was 29 weeks. I’m not a big girl but i’ve got a belly on me so i didn’t really notice. I was 13 when my periods started and they were always irregular so i didn’t worry, for awhile. My mum and i are so close i confided in her about my worries. She was really angry but she took me to the hospital to make sure. At 29 weeks, it was 2 late to have an abortion but in a way i was glad. Even though my dad went mental, mum got used to it and she became my birth partner. My boyfriend new about the baby and he said he would help me. When i went into labour at my house, mum rushed me to the hospital. The labour went on forever and when i was having a bath it proper started. A nurse helped me out and mum was there in time to hold my hand as my daughter was pushed onto the bathroom floor. I named her after my grandma and i love her to bits. Im only 14 but that doesnt mean i cant be a good mumxxxxxxxxx hope xx

Comment from Amber xxxxx

    21.06, 12/03/2007

When i was in bed, i felt a sharp pain down below. I was 3 weeks early so i thought it was just practise contractions. But an hour later i was in agony. I got my mum up and told her i was in labour. She made me lay down on her bed while she rang my dad. We called the maternity ward at the hospital and they said that when my contractions got closer together, to come in. My mum ran me a bath but i was afraid my waters would break while i was in. I was right. Half an hour later, my waters had broken and i was lying on the bathroom floor butt naked. Bout 10 minutes later, i had my son Luke and he looked so perfect. I’m 15 now and Lukes 1 this May so i cant wait to celebrate his 1st birthday. When hes older i’ll tell him everthin about what happend and that if he ever got a girl pregnant young that he has my support all the way, but tht doesnt mean he can just get her pregant lol.

Comment from LiamzMummie

    00.35, 13/03/2007

man u gurls r awesome and dont let n e one tell u otha wise at 14 and 15 i dnt think i cudve dun it but i take my hat off to both of yous i was 17 wen i had my son and i found out really early tht i was pregnant and i was really scared and i cn only imagine how scary it must be when ur only 14 or 15
its gurls like u guys tht makes me really proud of bein a teen mum
x o x o x

Comment from IcclexAngel

    12.07, 13/03/2007

Wow u gurls r amazing 2 b mums at dat age! i’m 17 n gna b a mum n i’m excited bt soo scared n worried dat i’ll mess up bt seein dat thurs gurls yunga dan me dat can do it makes me feel a bit beta bwt it! lol keep it up gurls i’m sure ur both great mums 🙂

Comment from * TaRa *

    17.56, 13/03/2007

to IcclexAngel ….

hi congrats on ure pregancy to 🙂
i think i am ready for a baby and im not if that makes sense… im reli worried i wont be able to do the my best for the kid or i dont do things right etc…..
and being on my own when my partner is at work.
All people keep sayin to me is “oh ure ruining you life” bla bla bla …. etc… and i keep thinkin differnt things. these no way wod i have an abortion… but at the same time i dont think i could give it away after goin through the whole 9months 🙁
my dad has always sed if your pregant ill kill ben(my partner) so im worried bout that. i still havent told anyone.

lookin on here and seeing girls younger than me are amazing! xx

hows ure family now or partners family ?

i think my partners family would be over the moon. wb 🙂 xxx

Comment from IcclexAngel

    19.25, 13/03/2007

Hi Tara,
if u feel dat ur ready den go 4 it, having a baby is tha most wonderful ne1 can do n ur gna get a lot o ppl say dat ur ruining ur life bt ur also gna get a lot of support! Plus even if afta giving birth u did go fru wiv adoption ow wld u feel wen dat child cums 2 find u in 18 yrs cz dey will.

My partners parents r still nt spkng 2 me bt like i sed they’ll cum rnd eventually evry1 wil! bt den agen we’ve bin gettn alot of support frm my partners nan hu jst wants 2 buy tha bby evryfin since she no’s we havnt gt much money bless her:) i feel tha same, i get scard dat i’m gna do fings rong n b a bad mum! bt no mata ow old u r evry 1st time mum will feel dis way bt u can onli eva do ur best! as long as u do dat ur tha best mum u cld b!

My partner wil also b wrking full time and as i dnt go 2 college i’ve kind of already fallen in2 tha habit of not going out n staying ome all tha time bcoz all my friends do is drnk n go out clubbin which i cnt realli do nemor bt i’m tryn 2 srt dat out, i’m hopefully going to strt a childcare course and join sum parenting classes so dat i can make sum friends in tha same situations as me. bt even wen u r at ome on ur own wiv a new bby u’ll conastantlky hav family n friends visiting n soon get sik of it lol

god i tlk 4 ages lol so i’ll stp thur gd luk wid ur decision, i’ve gt msn n bebo if u wana tlk on thur or summit wb xxx

Comment from IcclexAngel

    19.29, 13/03/2007

Hi Tara,
if u feel dat ur ready den go 4 it, having a baby is tha most wonderful ne1 can do n ur gna get a lot o ppl say dat ur ruining ur life bt ur also gna get a lot of support! Plus even if afta giving birth u did go fru wiv adoption ow wld u feel wen dat child cums 2 find u in 18 yrs cz dey will.

My partners parents r still nt spkng 2 me bt like i sed they’ll cum rnd eventually evry1 wil! bt den agen we’ve bin gettn alot of support frm my partners nan hu jst wants 2 buy tha bby evryfin since she no’s we havnt gt much money bless her:) i feel tha same, i get scard dat i’m gna do fings rong n b a bad mum! bt no mata ow old u r evry 1st time mum will feel dis way bt u can onli eva do ur best! as long as u do dat ur tha best mum u cld b!

My partner wil also b wrking full time and as i dnt go 2 college i’ve kind of already fallen in2 tha habit of not going out n staying ome all tha time bcoz all my friends do is drnk n go out clubbin which i cnt realli do nemor bt i’m tryn 2 srt dat out, i’m hopefully going to strt a childcare course and join sum parenting classes so dat i can make sum friends in tha same situations as me. bt even wen u r at ome on ur own wiv a new bby u’ll conastantlky hav family n friends visiting n soon get sik of it lol

god i tlk 4 ages lol so i’ll stp thur gd luk wid ur decision 🙂 wb xxx

Comment from *TARA*

    13.36, 14/03/2007

yeah i got msn hun my msn addy is taralouiserichardson313@hotmail.com add me and we can chat on there. if you want.
whats ure bebo address?
thanks for the advice.. its helping 🙂
i dont go out much anymore to 🙁 all my friends are and im like ohhh but then im glad at da same tym :-S

add me and we can chat more 🙂

Comment from *~*zoey*~*

    21.41, 14/03/2007

i am 16 and preg i am very scared. but i keepin it as i dont like to get rid of the baby,

Comment from confused??

    22.01, 14/03/2007

hey havent been on here in ages but wanted 2 giv every1 an update and a warning. as u all know i went thru wit the abortion at 7 weeks 3 days. every single day since ive thought of him ( i had an instinct and called him Harry) im on anti depresants, sleeping tablets, college has gone out the window and all i want is my harry back. i am soo full of hatred and guilt for my self and can not believe i was so naieve and thought every 1 was ryt and what i was doing was for the best. i miss the feeling of being pregnant and needed soooo sooo much and cry most nyts for the baby i killed. a warning to you all, if ur thinking about wot 2 do its clear ur nt ready 4 abortion. make sure its 100% wot u want and not wt u think in ur head is ryt. follow your hearts. i wish i had and now i will never ever get 2 hold my baby in my arms and let him know how much i love him and how much i miss him. please girls follow ur hearts. dnt let ne 1 tell u u cnt do it lyk me, u can get support frm everywhere. on here, financially u can get housing if u need in and even get a degree, qualifications and a fantastic job all whilst getting the rewards mother hood offers. dnt end up like me regretting a stupid decision u can never ever reverse. i still hold my tummy and talk to him, i want my baby back so bad 🙁 i wish i cld go bk in tym and tell my bf and his parents i dnt need them. im not with my boyfriend any more btw, couldnt stand to be around him if he loves me that much he would of loved our baby too so i missed out on the best thing in my life, my baby all for others xxx

Comment from IcclexAngel

    11.50, 15/03/2007

Confused??….i no dis is a hard time 4 u n i no u wnt beleive me bt it dus get easia! wen i had my abortion it was 4 tha same reasons, i fought it was rite, ma bf wasnt ready n evry1 kept telln me it wld ruin ma life n i felt like u do nw! i cldnt go nr ma bf 4 a very lng time n it made r relationship v.difficult, i was v.depressd n actually strtd self harming, i wld sit thur at skl n jst fnk ow many mnths pregnant wld i b n wld it b a boy or gurl u no typical pregnant stuff dat i’m sure goes fru ur hed! my bby wld’ve been nearli nine mnths old rite nw n i constantly wish i hadn’t gone fru wid tha abortion bt its too late nw n all i can do is move on! i wnt eva 4get ma lil bby, i think bt him/her evryday bt dats all u can do nw! i no dis has been hard on ur relationship wid ur bf bt if u both realli love eachufa dnt let it ruin it! i no u blame im alot n h8 im 4 it das ow i felt bt if u love eachuva u can both get fru it 2geva! i dint fink i wld bt we did n we’re stil 2geva a yr l8r expectin r 1st lil bby! i find das usually wot happens, even if u dnt plan it, 1nce a gurl has had an abortion within a yr she will probably b pregnant agen, nt all tha time bt frm tha ppl i’ve known 2 hav abortions das usually tha case. It happend 2 ma mum, me n ma friend hu had n abortion abwt 9mnths ago fnks dat she mite b! jst no dat even tho it dusnt seem like it rite nw it wil get easia n u wil b able 2 move on, nt sayn u hav 2 4get bwt ur bby bcz u prob wnt, jst learn dat finkn of ‘harry’ is all u can do nw, u cnt change wot happend! if u need 2 tlk den i’m ere xx

Comment from confused??

    14.01, 15/03/2007

thanku, uve been here 4 me thru all this n i dnt even no u, u r such a sweet person and deserve this child and ur so lucky ur getting ur 2nd chance. every 1 keeps saying giv it tym n its just such a shame that tym dnt heal quicker. i cnt believe that abortion can make u feel this way. i used 2 think that wen ppl did it it was just a quick fix 2 get on with their lives but after going thru it i now realise that its not that at all its the worst decision a woman can make. i hope i end up like u and get this baby im so desperate 4 i dnt no now about the boyfriend, i need 2 deal with my emotions 1st before i can even think about him just the way i feel i spose is natural, ill keep poping on frm tym 2 tym 2 find out how ur doing and let u no how im getting on, good luck and thanku so much u have no idea how much ur kindness means 2 me. its so nice 2 speak 2 sum 1 who understands, every 1 seems 2 have put a time limit on how long i shld b upset 4 n now there all just thinking oh r u not over that yet and the support is wearing thin so its nice 2 know ur here xxxx

Comment from IcclexAngel

    15.23, 15/03/2007

Aww fankyoo 🙂 i’m glad i can help cz i no wot its like 2 hav no1 understand n if u eva need 2 tlk i’m happy 2 listen, gd luck wid evryfing 🙂 xxx

Comment from Anonymous

    16.33, 19/03/2007

icclexangel i went on the youtube website you mentioned and typed in abortions and i cryed my eyes out that has put me of fit for life! if anyone is thinking of an abortion please please look at that web site.
go on google
then type in youtube
then type in abortions.
i codnt belvie what i saw:-(

Comment from tara

    16.35, 19/03/2007

that messgage about YOUTUBE was from me didnt put my name at the top.

Comment from IcclexAngel

    17.10, 22/03/2007

Hi tara soz aint written bk bt bin realli busy. Soz if tha stuff u saw was a bit graphic bt i fink ppl shld no bwt it cz gurls go fru it all tha time widout actually knowin tha facts n what happens. Dno if i sed b4 bt cz r house is like way overcrowded i had 2 move out n i finally gt a place on monday! yay! lol its only a 1 bed temporary flat but its nice to finally have sumwer of my own! my bf cnt move in atm cz thur realli isnt ne room but we r looking to get a propa place b4 tha bby is ere! I cnt w8 onli 10 days till i found it if it’s a gurl or boy! 🙂 Ows ur pregnancy going Tara? have u made a decision yet? let me know n ope u kk if u wb i mite take a bit o time 2 reply as tha computer is obvi at ma mums but i’ll try reply asap 🙂 xxx

Comment from Tara*

    17.19, 22/03/2007

hiya thast good u got a place then aint it.. shame ure boyfriend cant move in with u. your have to let me no what ure having.
i lost the baby a week ago 🙁 :'( when ure on msn ill speak to you on there dont reali wanna right it all on here.

hope u and ure lil baby is ok and well.
whats ure flat like then ?
how cum ure boyfriend cant move in with you ?
wb xxxxxxx

Comment from Anonymous

    10.26, 25/03/2007

hey just want 2 say no 1 now whats like having a baby
i am married for 9 months and me and my husband wish 2 have a baby u know its great and u girla ure doing uire best 2 give ure life for a little baby and ure so young . i really support you and am glad that we have girls like you with responsibility am proud of you . and who say fack you sluts maybe hes mom was a slut 2
take care girls

Comment from jess

    12.46, 25/03/2007

is there anybody younger than 18 on here that is living in there own house? i mean really on your own, not with ur dad or mum or gran, me and my fiance are looking for a new house, we cant stay in this one anymore, can anyone give me an idea of your monthly outgoings inc. council tax water electricity gas food bills etc. Between me and my partner we make around £600 a week, (we both work alot of hours) and i need t know what i can afford to spend on monthly/weekly rent (after all of the expenses of utilities) if anyone has some website links i would like them, we want a nice two bedroomed house so we can build a nursery!!
lov jess xxxx

Comment from natz x-x

    23.30, 25/04/2007

i dink im goin da bcum a mum at 14!! n im reali scared b cuz my mum will neva trust me again!! bt da bst ding abot is dat da dad is goin da b helpin me!! bt da worst ding dats is wrng wot dis world is dat ppl dnt dink teenage girls shud b mothers which i dink is wrng bcuz all girls wana hve a child n der life y nt start wen ur young!!! lym x-x-x-x

Comment from jess

    09.35, 26/04/2007

iva always felt that way too, when my little brother was born, my mum went into hospital for months and he still sometimes calls me mum now because i brought him up.
i cant wait to fill my house with kids.
i think that when mums initially blow up when their daughters have children young, they aren’t mad at you or what you’ve done.
all mums want there children to be rich or famous and to have a much better life than they had themselves, wen there daughters get pregnant early, theyre just worried life will be hard for you but i dont think they express it properly and it just comes across as anger.
Dads on the other hand, there jus more bothered about what there little girl has been doing in the bedroom at 14….lol
if you want to keep the baby and uve tested positive, you should really tell her, but also if you dont wantt o keep it then you’ll need the suppport from somewhere.
Darlin, u cant think that you can do it by yourself, you and another 14 yr old boy, neither of whom work, its going to be emotionally and physically exhausting and you need the support of somebody that is experienced at all this sort of thing.
me and my fiance have just got our own house together, and were thinking about trying for kids at the end of this year, simply to save up money.
whatever happens, keep ya chin up, and stay strong, there are always going to be some people that disagree with some things in your life that you choose to do. as soon as your beautiful baby is born, im 100% certain everyeone you know will be delighted to see her/him and will fuss round you like wen u were a baby urself!!!

Comment from Anonymous

    19.40, 27/04/2007

i reali want a baby im 17 years old and my partner wants a baby with me now … but im worried ppl will fink im too young and ruining my life :-S i feel 110% ready to be a mum tho … XxX

Comment from IcclexAngel

    11.17, 01/05/2007

If u n ur partner fink ur ready den u shldn’t let wot evry1 else finks stop u frm having wot u want! no mata wot u do in life thur will always b ppl dat dnt agree wid u bt if u listen 2 dem den u’ll neva b happy! 4get evry1 else jst do wot u want 2 do, its ur life live it how u want 2! gd luck 🙂

Comment from confused??

    11.29, 03/05/2007

hello IcclexAngel, hows ur pregnancy going now? how far along are you? havent been on here in so long thought i would come and see how you are as i feel like i owe you alot!!! wb xxxxxx

Comment from IcclexAngel

    11.56, 03/05/2007

lol dnt b silly u dnt owe me nefing bt pregnancy has been going great, i’ve got 15 weeks left but it seems like 4eva lol! so i’m six months jst gon. looks like i mit b a single parent tho tha way fings r goin 🙁 ow r u? w.b x

Comment from maria

    00.42, 04/05/2007

im 15 mum of two week beautifulgirl father is 19 now could he get into trouble for this a lot of people are saying allsorts help plz if you can as we are very proud parents thank you

Comment from maria

    00.47, 04/05/2007

this sight is so cool its sites like these that make me hold my head up higher as im not on my own in this situation.the minority of the majority who have to say about me and my age are the freaks not me.

Comment from IcclexAngel

    22.50, 04/05/2007

Unless ne1 reports it or makes a big deal den i wldn’t fink they wld do nefing about it. thurs ldsa gurls out thur that hav kids at 14/15 n nobody dus nefing bwt dem so i wldnt worry. I cnt beleive ur onli 15! wel dun i realli admire u, i dnt fink i cld’ve handled it at dat age! i’m 17 n expectin my 1st, i’m 6 n half mnths n my boyfrend of 2 n half yrs has jst left me n i realli dnt c ow i’m gna get fru dis! all dats keepin me sane rite nw is knowin dat my lil gurl needs me! neways gd luck 🙂

Comment from confused??

    19.12, 05/05/2007

oh no, i cnt believe all u went thru 1st tym rnd he wld leave u now. let me no how u get on wit him sweetie. u r strong enuff and u can do this and especially bcoz of ur previous experience, u no how much u want this baby now. we dnt need men in our lives 2 help! it wld b nice but isnt needed! ull do just fine, just think u n ur baby girl will be like best friends if its just u 2 it will be perfect. im ok thanku! still avin very down days but there not as often, still think about it everysingle day but have learnt to deal with it now just like u sed i wld, things have gt easier. i still sit and cry sumtyms but think thats 2 b expected xxx

Comment from IcclexAngel

    20.22, 05/05/2007

Of course it is hun, i still cry sumtimes especially being pregnant agen it makes me feel kind of guilty, bt das jst normal. ope ur ok n i’m always ere 2 tlk 🙂 e’s still gna b thur 4 our lil gurl so he ses, i fink e jst gt scard of b in tied dwn. as lng as he dnt let our lil gurl dwn i’m happy cz shes all dat matas nw 🙂 gd luck 4 tha future n let me know ow ur doin 🙂 xxx

Comment from Anonymous

    20.54, 26/05/2007

im trying to concieve but its really not happeing… i feel i am pregant sumtyms and i get some signs …. sickness… tired….etc… but then i come on and bleed abit …. im reali confused.. i got told that u could still be pregant even tho u bleed :-S i need sum advise i dont no what to do.
i reali want a baby and i feel so low as i dnt no why im not gtin pregant sooner. 🙁

much love to all u teenage mums and single mums xxxxx keep all being strong xxxx

Comment from IcclexAngel

    10.27, 27/05/2007

The best advice I can think of is to stop thinkin bout it n stop worryin. My mum was tryin 4 3 yrs then eventually she gave up and she was pregnant in about 3 weeks and then again 2 months after she gave birth. The more stressed n worried u r the less likely it is u will fall pregnant bcoz ur body is telling u dat ur not ready. yes u can bleed still while u r pregnant so dnt jst go by that, take a test or go to tha doctors. I no a girl hu carried on bledding for 5 months before she realised she was pregnant, and some women bleed all tha way thru. So jst relax, dnt panic and good luck with evryfing 🙂 let me no how u get on 🙂

Comment from Anonymous

    12.47, 27/05/2007

thanks for the advice 🙂 …. im only 17 and i want a baby soo much. i feel so ready to bring a baby up. i just felt so disapointed when i came on my period i was so gutted it was untrue. im trying so hard its lyk …:@ for god sakes. lol
its werid tho how i felt all the signs and that and im having a period, 🙁
yeh im guna try stop stressing out lyk u sed coz i reali want one nd myte b makin things worse for me with the stress.
thanks for advice. speak soon xxxxxxxxxx

Comment from Amy

    02.06, 29/06/2007

im 16 and just left school ive had sex only twice and the first time used contreception and the second time i diden’t. the first time i had sex i missed my period so thought the condom might of split so i went for a pregnancy test which was negative. the 2nd time i had sex i dint use any protection but i hav still had a period. i no i probs nt pregnant but i jus feel i am as i hav put on weight and i jus feel different and feel sumfin in my belly if u no wat i mean. i no it is very rare but i no u can actully b pregnant while on ur period i no i am probaly not but i just hav that little doubt in my mind. what shud i do? x x x x

Comment from LiamzMummie

    03.53, 29/06/2007

to amy,
i think maybe u shud do anada test… i hav heard of some people who believe they are pregnant sooo much tht their bodies start changin like they are pregnant but its all in their head… but take a test and let us kno how it goes

Comment from sjhoward (author of the post)

    04.22, 30/06/2007

Amy – have you considered going to talk to your GP? It’s totally private, and they should be able to do a more accurate test to absolutely make sure if you’re pregnant or not.

Comment from jess

    21.32, 15/07/2007

i am only 16 and 4 months people may think im a slag but im not im with my bf that is 18 every girl need support and no1 is in the wrong if ur happy to be have a baby have a baby !!!!!!!!!

Comment from judy

    09.08, 20/07/2007

hey guys…i fell preggers at 18 with my fiance, im now 20 n shes 7 months. She is our everything, we do everything for her. my fiance n i hav the best relationship. we knew we were right for each other n wuld grow old together so were happy when we fond out we were going to b parents. i dont think starting a family early will doom u lol. my mum was in an abusive relationship and left for our safety, she was a poor single mother…as soon us kids went to school she went to uni and got a full time job. she is now a very succesful psychologist.
life doesnt hav to go in an order. we chose our own path…when Imogen is older ill go to uni and work my ass of to get a kick-butt career…for now i just want to spend time with her to give her the best start n let her know how much she is loved. she is advanced n very happy.

all u mums reading this add me to msn if u want! judy_olaussen@hotmail.com…it does get lonely at times during the day wen dads at work so i wuld luv to talk to others with similar circumstances!

Comment from Anonymous

    20.14, 31/07/2007

I am not about to pull young single mums to bits, that is just not my way plus the fact that my daughter has just told me she is pregnant. She is 17 and in the middle of A levels. I stumbled accross you all, looking for advice. What I am shocked about however is the fact that I have never been on a forum such as this, where anyone, let alone you as parents can’t spell, use grammer or even write good english, what are your children going to end up like? I am really shocked, not by all of you but please, please please, if you know who I am talking about and it’s you, go back to education and learn what you have to. When your beautiful children, who you love to bits grow that bit older and go to school you can at least help them with their homework. I work in a school at the moment and am sorry to say that some of our five year old’s spell and write better than what I have read tonight. Loads of you have stated that people get the wrong impression of single mums and to be honest, not judging anyone but if I, as an outsider, read some of the comments posted, well I think I would have to think about it. I have heard many a parent say, “I am a mum not a teacher, they will learn at school.” Not the case, we as parents cannot afford to separate the two. When your kids starts school they are expected to know more than you think and you have to prepare them for that, believe me they will suffer if they don’t. Not just by being left behind but the simple fact that teachers do not have a lot of patience, when the whole class can do something and your child can’t then, sorry!!! They havn’t got time to wait, Your child will be seen as being SEN (special educational needs) before you know it and more single parents will be labelled. Hope this is good advice.

Comment from IcclexAngel

    11.54, 01/08/2007

I respect your opinion but I do have to disagree. I am 17 and didn’t go to college, however I am perfectly capable of reading and writing correctly. Just because I choose not to, especially on the computer because it saves time doesn’t mean that I can’t. I may not have done well at school but that wasn’t because I wasn’t capable, unfortunately I just got led down the wrong path 🙁 Even with my daughter due in two weeks I am still planning on improving my education with a home learning course and as for my boyfriend, the father, he has 8 GCSE’s, and soon to have about 4 A levels. There are some teenage parents out there that do have their heads screwed on, and I’m not saying I’m perfect because believe me I’m not, but I’m trying. As for your daughter being pregnant, I no this must be hard for you but the best thing for you to do is support her whatever her decision may be. My parents have been really supportive and I am very grateful, however my partner’s parents did not speak to me for about 6 months and wanted nothing to do with me or the baby. Only in the last week has his mum started to realise she has a grandchild on the way and she is starting to come round to it. Also your daughter can always carry on her education by starting a home learning course. The Open University do a number of courses and they also have the number for a home learning college for A level courses. All courses are free up untill the age of 19. Good luck with everything and I hope I may have changed your opinion of some of us 🙂

Comment from xkerryx

    00.19, 03/08/2007

I am 19 with a three year old little boy.His dad left when he was three months old and hasnt come to see him since his first birthday.I have a fiance who has brought him up as his his own since. we are just in the process of buying our first home and getting married next year.I hate the way people look at me when im out an about as if im just some little girl who made a mistake.My son was no mistake me and all the family love him more than anything

Comment from Amber x

    13.18, 12/08/2007

hey people… i’m amber im 14 well just turned 15 and im pregnant. it was the first time i had sex and i fell pregnant i knew is hould of used a condom or some thing but at the time i was to upset from fallingout wid my mum to have rember to

Comment from jessica

    13.44, 12/08/2007

no 1 is a slut if there pregnent im 16 and im the youngist at of 4 girls and im 4 months i must amit that its not easy 4 ne 1 if your 13 to 40 every mum find it hard but every 1 has got to understand that it your choice to be a mum no 1 is a bad mum no 1 no how hard it is to be a mum dont let ne 1 call u a slag slut ect …….they dont understand just hold ya head up hi and be a proud mum and smile 4 us teen mum xxxxxxxxxxxx

Comment from Julie

    13.31, 15/08/2007

Hi everyone, I fell pregnant when i was 18 although i was 19 when i gave birth to my son. I’m now 20 and expecting my second baby on my 21st birhtday. Just like everyone else i’m fed up of being judged by people who don’t have a clue about me or my life.i’m just about 21yet i look about 17.My partner and I have been together for 4 years,we did seperate for 6months not long after our son was born as it took a while for us to adjust to our new lifestyle. We have a lovely council house and i don’t understand why people think if you live in a council house it’s a bad thing. my parents never hada problem with it and our house was always well looked after and nice looking when i was growing up.
My partner is the same age as me and he even gets judged because we split up for a while everyone assumes that hes a typical boy that couldn’t handle responsability and left us, when it was a joint decision to have some time on our own to adjust.He’s a dotting father who works full time as a profesional electrician with a very good wage and provides for his family.I also work but only part-time, I don’t have to work as my partners wage is more than enough. But i do to provide extra luxuries and savings for my family.
Now that my bump is extremely noticable when im at work iv had people say “oh you silly little girl” , “are you married or getting married” and “you don’t no what your getting yourself in for young lady” or “oh dear do you think you’ll cope on your own” and even “have you got somewhere to live after you’ve had it you cant burden your parents for ever” my come back for that one was ” excuse me im 21 years of age with my 2nd child on the way i moved out of my parents house when i was 17 and been happily ever after with my partner since and providing for ourselves. and considering my parents and there parents were married and had maybe 3 or 4 kids by the time they were my age now i dont think you have a right to make comments like that.

Comment from Anonymous

    13.56, 15/08/2007

I’m 14 + 5month pregnant, im over the moon tbh. My boyfriend + family have all supported me, They all cant wait to see our baby.
I don’t agree to abortions under any circumstances. To know that you’ve just killed a part of you. When i first found out i was pregnant, my mother wasnt happy + she asked me if ide have an abortion, but as ive always said ‘i dont agree to them, i cant kill off my own baby!’
i support teen mums all the way i think there the bravest people out there.
i also agree with ‘jessica’ we should all be proud tbh, were going to bring another life into the world 🙂

Comment from Julie

    13.58, 15/08/2007


Comment from katiiee

    14.30, 15/08/2007

Ahh feel so lonelyy 🙁 anyone wanna add me on MSN + chatt ? 🙁
onlyy if you’re gunnaa makee mee smilee 🙂
4months lefttt till i have my little one 🙂
pretty scared tbh 😐
talkk please?

Comment from Julie

    16.55, 15/08/2007

if anyone wants til speak til me or maybe has same opinion as me etc then my email add is mummyjuls@hotmail.com or if ur registered on bebo.com my username is mammajuls .

Comment from Naomi

    18.10, 17/08/2007

Love Productions is producing an ambitious and attention-grabbing documentary series for BBC3 which is rooted in clear social purpose. In this series we will explore whether single mothers, who are struggling to cope on their own or finding it difficult to realise their true potential, can transform their lives by adopting an alternative way of living.

To do this, we are going to give ten single mothers and their children the opportunity to experience what it’s like to live together in a group under one roof. The accommodation, which we are looking for, will be organised in a similar way to a house-share where everything is shared and everyone helps and supports each other.

Right now we are starting the casting process for the ten single mothers and their children. We are looking for single mothers from different backgrounds, ethnicity, class and approach to parenting – who are interested in trying this new way of life.

We hope this radically different support network will improve things for the mums who live in the house-share and perhaps even encourage single mothers in Britain to do the same.

I wonder if you may be interested in the show? All you need to do is email singlemums@loveproductions.co.uk and we will send you an application form.

Comment from jennifer

    10.15, 08/09/2007

hi im 16 with a 3 week old baby boy i was wondering how you other teen mum deal with seeing people from school or people you know and guys you like and have dated seeing them with a baby when you are out and what to say to them only 3 people know that i was pregnant and have a baby its really hard every one have any comments to help!!!

Comment from jennifer

    10.17, 08/09/2007

and how do i tell people im scard to tell them

Comment from jennifer

    10.18, 08/09/2007

hey if anyone is a teenage mum that wants to tlk add me on msn sexychick654_832@hotmail.com im 16 with a 3 week old boy

Comment from leigh

    20.10, 12/09/2007

i found out i was pregnant at 13, i have a gawjus boyfriend called ryan who is 16, he helps me alot with our little girl mia, when i first found out i was pregnant i was shocked but i got used of the idea after few months,i was really scared first of all i didnt know who to tell but in the end i told my mum because she is very understandin and i knew she would help me out, my friends are the best with mia when ever i need a brake there always there to take her out and look after her, she has her godmother nicole and nicole is soo good with her, you know what teen age mums fuck all the girls who look u up and down thinkin slag, its your life and you can do what you want with it, but i must say givein birth is the most painfull thing you will ever fill in your life it kains but after it you look at your new born baby and think omg thats mine no1 else’s just MINE and its the best fellin you will ever fell, well all use girls out there havein babys or have already got them all the luck darlings love leigh xxxx

Comment from melissa

    00.11, 19/09/2007

hya im melissa im 15 and 6 months pregnant and i just wanna say to people out there why do people call a teenager fat and they dont even no you i think its stupid i get called fat alot because of the way i look and i sometimes feel like doing stupid things at times because peole judge you by the way you look and thats wrong its about personality init 🙂 anyways i cant wait to have my baby im having a little boy and ihes due on the 29th december yey :)!

Comment from Kaaaz

    21.07, 24/09/2007

Hi.. ive just found out that im pregnant, not far gone 🙂 the dad is 20 ( im 14) + has said hes going to look after me and the baby. so im pretty lucky tbh.. i havnt told my mum yet. im rather scared actually. but yeh im happy that im having a baby ino im going to be a great mum even tho i am only 14. + ino the dads alot older than me but i dontmind.. i love him thats all that matters really ay? .. Well i think teen mums are the bavest people out there! Anyone wanna talk add me 🙂
kaz–x@hotmail.co.uk 🙂

Comment from Tanya

    16.10, 28/09/2007

am 19 with a little girl called lily she is just 8 month and i am pregnant again
i have just split up with my partner of 2 years he wants me to well get rid of it am only 6 weeks gone so it would be easy for him any way i dont think i want this but am so scared of not having money and being alone my mum says that it would be for the best am so confuesd i dont know if the disson to go through with the termnation is mine or every one elses

Comment from Rebecca

    12.02, 07/10/2007

I am 19 years old and im expecting my 1st child who is a little girl who im going to call her Crystal Jayde 😀
Im in the army as an army medic and ive met my boyfriend who is a vehicle mechanic
im taking time off work because of the payments for the nursery
Before My daughter is born, my boyfriend is getting based in Germany which is brilliant 😀 we are getting a house and everything over there which is absolutley brilliant 😀
I will miss my family but My boyfriend is only working 5 days a week and my boyfriend gets alot of time off being in the army.
I just cant wait till we move and my daughter is born.
and i have got a large family- a very big one 😀 lol
My mum, my stepdad, my dad, my stepmum, 3 step sisters and 2 step brothers, a large one eh?? and my boyfriend has an even larger one 😀
My lifes just brilliant!! I love it 😀
and to them that are leaving school without no qualifications, once your child is in a suitable place at a school, you can join the army 😀
Reply back to me on the noteboard and ill get back to you 😀

Comment from IcclexAngel

    15.10, 10/10/2007

Tanya, I think you need 2 seriously think about this on ur own, this is completely ur decision, nobody elses. If u r realli against abortion and want to keep this bby den do that. Sure it mite b hard bt i’m sure ur family and even tha dad will b thur 4 u. Thur r lots of ppl out thur that can help, u can go 2 support groups and meet other mums. But if u go thru wiv an abortion because of evry1 else den u will regret it, it has 2 b wot u want. I no dis frm experience, i had an abortion because evry1 told me it was tha rite fing 2 do and ma boyfriend didn’t want it. It was tha most horrible fing I eva did n i regret it evry day. I’m lucky 2 hav ma 2mnth old lil gurl Summer n tho i’m onli 17 and yh sumtimes it can b v.hard bt i wldn’t change it, Summer is tha most amazing thing dat eva happend 2 me 🙂 Gd luck wid ur decision n keep us posted on ow it goes 🙂

Comment from kelly

    14.54, 11/10/2007

i dnt c y people judge u 4 wot u r n nt hu u r if ur pregnant then its wot u wnt so dnt worry wot ova ppl tink its wot u tink is best 4 u n wot u wnt theres no need 2 worry.

Comment from kia

    15.06, 11/10/2007

hello im 15 and im 1month pregz but im 2 scared 2 tell my mum coz im worried about wot she mite do 2 me plz if ne 1 can plz can u help me think of a way 2 tell my mum xxxxxx

Comment from worrieddad

    16.01, 19/10/2007

hi there im 25 i have just found out a girl i slept with is pregnant i did not know at the time but found out after she is only 14, she is very muture 4 her age in all ways, i had no idea, i really dont know what 2 do, she seams possitive she want 2 keep it and if that is the case then i would want to support her and the child but if it becomes public that i am the father then her father will have me put in jail i really dont know what 2 do can someone please help me

Comment from Me + Me

    13.20, 06/11/2007

Amy and Natalie xxx

Comment from jess

    21.07, 07/11/2007

To Amy and Natalie, i really aren’t pro abortion infact i am anti abortion, but u sound very one track mind and not very open minded to the real world at all in more ways than one u sound catholic, if thats the case then ignore what i have to say.

Take this to mind, your 13, u go to a party get hammered and you have sex with somebody you dont even know, the next day i put a million quid on it u would get the mornin after pill (which by the way is pretty much the same its emergency contraception, i believe it breaks down the lining of your womb and makes sure the fertilised egg cannot attatch itself, and therefore you miscarry)

Or, u get sexually abused, or raped, and before you know it your months pregnant…your telling me that you would look into the eyes of that baby known the guy who made it raped you and stole your dignity? No, the police, your family and more than likely yourself, would urge you into having an abortion.

Abortion was introduced for people who maybe could not parent or dont feel ready for a baby properly, people who were lured into unprotected sex whilst under the influence of drink or drugs and a million and one more reasons!

you cant tell people whats right and wrong in their specific circumstances, there are some lovely people on here that have had to go through the trauma of having an abortion for different reasons and are tortured by it everyday, not so they can go out the next night and shag someoneelse

Your entitled to your opinion, although that doesnt make it correct, Dont stereo type people!

Comment from me + me

    12.48, 14/11/2007

how are we stereotyping?

Comment from me + me

    12.48, 14/11/2007

how are we stereotyping? we are telling the truth luv how old r u anyway?

Comment from jess

    16.54, 14/11/2007

you are stereotyping everybody that has ever had an abortion as “100% WRONG!” and telling people that have had abortions that “they dont deserve kids” and that they should “learn to use contraception”, by the way ‘luv’ as you may have gathered no one cares how old anyone is on here im 18, ive just found out im pregnant after trying for little over a month and im really excited!!!!!!!!!

Traaaaaaaaa 😀

Comment from LiamzMummie

    20.18, 14/11/2007

Hi There, I Been On Hea B4 But Not For A While And I Love This Topic As I Am A Teen Mummie My Self And I Love It!!! N E Wayz, Personally I Think The Only Time Its Ok To Have An Abortion Is When You Are Raped… Does N E One Agree Or Disagree Or Jus Wanna Comment On Tht?

Comment from abbi

    09.45, 15/11/2007

im not against or for abortion, i hold a even keel on the whole thing, i believe it is there to help people who need it and those who dont thats fine 2. i believe the whole abortion argument is crap. people have the right to choose what they want to do with their life, its what we call social independance, its a part of our right as human beings! Just because you dissagree with it doesnt mea you can go around and make derogitory comments (amy & Natalie). one day you may be in a situation and u will want an abortion.

i had my baby at 18 🙂 she will be 1 in december and although i wouldnt change her for the world and i cant imagine life without her, i will be honest and say i did consider an abortion. i was 17 when i found out and had just got in to university and my boyfriend was moving away, i felt that the time wasnt right for me and that i wouldnt cope. but as my bump grew i started to love it, felling her move and kick or even seeing her heartbeat on the scan monitor.

all im sayin is dont judge people because of abortion, one day it might be you standing in their shoes!

Abbi x

Comment from Aimee..x

    18.16, 15/11/2007

Yea i dont think you should have an abortion unless you are raped.. cos abortion is wrong but if you are not ready for a child then i suppose its your choice but i personally think its wrong 2 have an abortuion unless you are raped. x

Comment from LiamzMummie

    19.04, 15/11/2007

Yeah, I Think That If Your Not Ready To Have A Babie Wat Are You Doing Having Sex? I Kno Bein A Solo Teen Mum Isnt Easy, But Its The Most Rewarding Job Ever, Some Times It Does Suck Wen Ppl Look Down On You For Being A Teen Mum, Bein On A Benefit Or Being In Council Housing ( I Dnt Think We Hav Tht Wea I Am Any Way?) And That Hurts ALOT, But You Have To Be Strong And Remember That Your Doing The Right Thing…

Comment from jennifer

    06.59, 16/11/2007

i just wanna say that teens that have children or are pregnant are so brave and people shouldnt look down at us cuz were doing the right thing just becuase were young doesnt mean were bad parents i think were better parents then people who are alot older and we bond better with children and it so annoying when people just look at you and give you werid looks when they say how cute your baby is then they ask about the father and you say your not with him and they give you such a bad look,im proud to be a single parent and i love not having the father around more time i get to spend with my baby. so goodwork teen mums!!

Comment from jennifer

    07.07, 16/11/2007

and to( worrieddad ) im 16 now, i was only 15 when i got pregnant and the guy i was dating and got pregnant with was 23 and he didnt get into trouble becuase i didnt tell the police and i hate him so dont worry you wont get into trouble and im sure she wont tell the police either good luck with your baby just enjoy and relax it will be fine

Comment from jennifer

    07.12, 16/11/2007

and to( kia ) just tell your mum your pregnant i was really scard to tell my mum but i ended up telling her she just said it was my choice if i wanted to keep my baby or get rid of him but of course i kept him and im so glad i did my mum was scard for me but everyday that went pass she got more use to the idea and by the time i gave birth she was happy for him and she loves him heaps nearly more then me and thats alot so dont be scard just tell her i told my mum though text message first then she call me then we talked so thats a good idea you should do that cuz it was easier for me then face to face goodluck.

Comment from LiamzMummie

    18.02, 17/11/2007

I Am Not Completely Against Abortion But I Believe It Is Interesting That You Say “people have the right to choose what they want to do with their life, its what we call social independance, its a part of our right as human beings!” What About These Babies That Are Aborted Every Day In The World? Do They Not Have Rights Not Even The Right To Live?, I Had My Son When I Was 17 And Abbi I Am Happy For You That In The End You Chose To Have Your Babie, Bein A Mother Is Unlike Any Thing Else In The World… But If Youre (“Youre” I Mean Ppl In General Not You Imparticular) Going Out And Having Sex WILLINGLY… And Happen To Get Pregnant, Then Abortion Should Not Be An Option… Either Keep It In Ur Pants Or “Suffer” The Consequence… How Will People Learn Any Thing Wit Out Consequences Of Their Actions… Thanks…

Comment from Anonymous

    12.06, 19/11/2007

We are NOT streotyping anybody but its true if you have an abortion why should you deserve another baby??
So ‘LUV’ as YOU may have gathered well we were talking about having abortions so as you are not having 1 then i personally think u should butt out alrite..
If i was pregnant now i would be excited too but you are not having an abortion so butt out…
And you SHOULD learn to use contraception that is what is is there for to stop you getting pregnant and to stop abortions..
Ok so dont ‘LUV’ me luv

Comment from me + me

    12.06, 19/11/2007

We are NOT streotyping anybody but its true if you have an abortion why should you deserve another baby??
So ‘LUV’ as YOU may have gathered well we were talking about having abortions so as you are not having 1 then i personally think u should butt out alrite..
If i was pregnant now i would be excited too but you are not having an abortion so butt out…
And you SHOULD learn to use contraception that is what is is there for to stop you getting pregnant and to stop abortions..
Ok so dont ‘LUV’ me luv

Comment from sarah w

    12.13, 19/11/2007

hi i see both points of view but amy and natalie are my friend so i like there comment more sorry folks im sidein with amy and natalie biiiiii

Comment from Abbi

    14.21, 20/11/2007

LiamzMummie- i was using contraception. but i had to come off it 4 6 weeks cos i was having an operation and thats when i fell pregnant. its not a case of i go around havign sex with any 1 i see. i was and still am in love with the baby’s dad. 🙂

Comment from LiamzMummie

    19.33, 20/11/2007

I wasnt aiming that at you, i said that i was happy you chose to keep the babie cause its some thing unlike any thing else in the world, i guess it did sound like i was aiming it at you, and i apologise for that but i wasnt, SORRY!!! Im glad that you and the father are still happy too… thats awesome you dont come across fathers that stick around too often, CONGRATZ!!!

Comment from jess

    20.51, 22/11/2007

This is an open debate and everybody has the right to put how they feel and air their views, thats the point of a debate…
Just because i aint having an abortion doesn’t mean i cant have an opinion!
So i take it you and all your friends are having an abortion and thats what gives you the right to come into this OPEN debate???
And by the way, i know exactly how to use contraception, me and my fiancee decided i came off the contraception i had had for 4 years to try for a baby after we bought a house in feb… dont tell me to learn how to use contraception!!
Whilst trying to get into a battle of wits with me, you could be insulting other people, im not sure whether you know but there are people in this world that have a different opinion than you on certain things… and just because you dont like it doesn’t mean they cant say it. In my first reply i actually said ‘Everyone is entitled to their opinion, although that does not make it correct’
Same with me, jus because this is my opinion doesn’t make you wrong i aint tellin you to butt out!

Comment from Just Me

    22.47, 23/11/2007

I was 16 when I had my son, obviously when I found out I was pregnant I was terrified, I was very clever and my family all had high hopes for me, and there disappointment crushed me, I didn’t even consider an abortion.
The looks people gave me and the comments were unbelievable, I still get comments now (I’m 21) why people think they have the right to be so rude to me? Its ridiculous
I went to college and got an ‘A’ at A Level and got a Double Award AVCE at very high grades
While I was at college I was also having regular appointments with specialists with my son, he wasn’t meeting developmental targets and when he was 2 and a half he was diagnosed as having autism and severe learning disabilities, I was heartbroken, I was dealing with all this with no support whatsoever and felt completely alone.
I put my education on hold – I had planned to go to university – and threw myself into trying to improve my son’s quality of life, this is an ongoing battle for us, but slowly but surely he making progress and he makes me so proud everyday.
I am starting university next year and plan on getting a good career so me and my boy can have security and stability

As you can imagine it really upsets me when people stereotype teenage mum’s to be like Vicky Pollard because that stereotype does not parallel me, I’m a brilliant mother.

Comment from jess

    15.43, 24/11/2007

well said mate good luck n keep ya chin up xx

Comment from anyahsmom

    02.11, 02/12/2007

Hi , to everyone my name is brittani and i got pregnant at the age of 15. I had my daughter at age 16 she will be two years old december 31. don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do any thing just because you are a teenage mother. I am 18 years old now yes i did graduate from high i worked, went to school ,and still did extra activites at school. i was one of those girls no one expected to get pregnant i did’nt lose any friends and if people talked about me i did’nt know. It was none of their busniess what i was doing.One person told me that her parents would put her out and i told her that it shows what kind of family you have.oh another thing i am attending college and i have major support system while i am away . i am attending tennessee state university and i will be attending austin peay state university next fall all because i want and miss my child. So good luck to all the ladies and you can do anything so don’t ever let anyone down you

Comment from kayleigh

    17.35, 06/12/2007

hi i would just like to say that being a teenage mum aint tht bad,i’m a mum myself i had my little boy when i was 18 (hes a year old in march)and i woldn’t change it for the world my partner stood by me and we’re still together.my partners dad wanted me to have an abortion but me and my boyfriend decided to keep it.my boyfried has a well payed job and i’m at college.as long as you put your mind to it you can achieve anything. gd luck every1 xxxxxxxx

Comment from NOT a MUMMY

    11.23, 07/12/2007


Comment from jennifer

    02.02, 08/12/2007

thats so funny why dont u grow up your the slag why are you even looking up this website if your not a teenage mum dont you have something better to do with your time.i guess not.

Comment from kayleigh

    22.47, 08/12/2007

not a mummy wat gives you the right to come on this website which does not concern u and call us all slags,you need to grow up.one day u may end up pregnant yourself,which would mean you were a SLAG aswell by the way.i think you should take a long hard look in the mirror before you start passing comments which you know nothing about

Comment from kayleigh

    22.50, 08/12/2007

hey if there’s any1 on here want to talk to me on msn my addy’s kayleighwilson_18_@hotmail.co.uk xxxxx

Comment from NOT a MUMMY

    12.30, 09/12/2007


Comment from kayleigh

    17.27, 09/12/2007

wat gives you the right to call peaple who have had babys slags.as i’ve said before take a look in the mirror before coming on this and throwing insults at peaple especially when you dont know the circumstances.if you’ve got a child you should be concentrating on showing them wat contreception is you never know one day when there 14 or whatever they may walk in n say your going to be a gran then how would feel

Comment from kayleigh

    17.35, 09/12/2007

well if your a mum you shouldn’t be slaging us you never know your child might come home one day when ther 14 and tell you your going to be a gran then wat will you do

Comment from jess

    18.56, 09/12/2007



who the hell are you to tell myself and all these lovely people that they are slags?

Poor you, in such a state of self-denial… “Not a mummy”? and then go and say “actually i am a mum”

Not much of a good mum if you forget your one, eh?

HAHAHA to you aswell!!

Comment from I Am A Mummy

    20.33, 09/12/2007



Comment from mummyjuls

    20.48, 09/12/2007

(not a mummy) What the hell do you think is so special about you, what you doing coming on the website if your not a mum, just shows that you have nothing else to do with your time and now your saying you are a mum just not as young as us well if you are older you are really imature for your age and just goes to show your a pathetic mother (if u r) what kind of mum sits on the internet and slags of young mothers for bringing precious little bundles of joys into the world!!!! Take a long hard look in the mirror and grow up eh, try settin an example for the child that you’ve actually forgotten you have!!!! good luvk with that by the way it’s proving to be difficult for you, here have some love (XXXXXX) u need it

Comment from sjhoward (author of the post)

    23.16, 09/12/2007

I think the recently comments by Not a Mum / I Am A Mummy merely demonstrate the whole point of this post – maturity does not necessarily come with age.

Teenage mums can be intelligent and mature enough to engage in reasoned debate, caring enough to support each other through comments on here, and wise enough to offer those in difficult situations sound advice. Clearly, that’s not true of every teenage mum, but this thread demonstrates that it is true of many.

It is often taken as read that older mums possess these qualities – and I think it’s clear to everyone that this is sometimes not the case.

I’m delighted to see that this post is still generating discussion after more than two years, and I wish all of the young mothers posting the very best for them and their children’s future.

Please feel free to continue to use this page to discuss the issues and support each other – it’s wonderful to read.

Comment from 16 and proud to be a mummy

    23.36, 09/12/2007

you are a bad mum what kind of mum goes around calling another mums slags and laughing cause we have children doesnt matter how old we are we act older then you we dont go around calling other mums slags i dont know why ur even on here why dont u go spend more time with your child then coming on here and bagging mums out you must not be a proud mum like we are.

Comment from LiamzMummie

    01.00, 10/12/2007

“Im a mummy”, So your saying it was your sister being a “twat” and then you come on here and say the same things and worse, You say your 28 and that you quote “DIDNT HAVE A BABY WHEN I WAS LIKE 14” You maybe 28 now but the maturity level you are using in here is that of a average 14 year old… SLAG!!?? Very mature, wonder if your daughter will have the maturity of her self confessed “not shitt mother”… I was a teen mother and I am very proud!!! Hope you coming on here and calling us all “slags” has made you feel better about yourself…

Comment from I Am A Mummy

    12.40, 10/12/2007


Comment from mummyjuls

    15.43, 10/12/2007

well done mummy’s, keep proving our points!!!! WATEVER is all she has left til say, what i think is “i am a mum” is actually a young teen sittin at home on the net tryin til make teen mums feel bad sbout themselves and the fact that we have all told her what we think she has tried to make it sound like she is a mother i really dont believe that she is wen u listen to the way she talks and the languge ahe uses she is really immature and now all she has to say is wotever , that just says it all
“bad joke gone wrong has it “

Comment from I Am A Mummy

    15.57, 10/12/2007

Actually ur all wrong.. i am a mum 2 keeley so dnt fukin judge me.. jus cos ur all reli oung lil slags n had babies at the age of lke 14 or summink n jus cos i swear n hav bad language dnt mean iaint a mum cos as a matter of fact I AM.. i aint no sad lonely teen jus sittin on the comp tryin 2 make u all feel bad.. im jus makin a point that ur all SLAGS alrite so dnt fukin say iaint a mum cos u all no shit

Comment from LiamzMummie

    20.07, 10/12/2007

We arent saying you arent a mother… You said it was your sister saying she isnt a mother so you can get over that… No one cares if your a mother or not.. Note: I say mother, cause it takes a special someone to be a mum… By the way, your vocabulary for a 28 year old is pathetic… Learn some new words instead of just coming on here and calling us “SLAGS”… I dont believe you are a “sad lonely teen jus sittin on the comp tryin 2 make u all feel bad..” I believe you are sad and lonely but not a teen…
But thank you for writing on here, it reminds me that not all people in the world are as understanding and caring as we are on here and here is the proof!!!

Comment from mummyjuls

    22.42, 10/12/2007

Your saying don’t judge you excuse me but aren’t you judging us!!!!

and you say that we no nothing about you , well what makes you think that you no anything about us!!! I had my first child at a young age and he was planned thak you very much me and my partner were both young wen we had him and now he has a little brother too and iv just turned 20
you really do need to grow up u have no right to call any young girl who has a child a slag u have no idea of the many circumstances these girls have so unless ur willing to shut up and listen then understand just get off this website and stay off cause there no room here for people like you, we are all on here to talk to others and make friends not to call people slags. seriously though what enjoyment did you get out of saying that and what was the whole point in it there is something seiously wrong with you if you get enjoyment out of hurting people just for the crack

Comment from jess

    14.09, 11/12/2007

well, thur ya go “not a mummy…oops yes i am…”

dont come on ere telling all us we slags, and then when you get it back just as bad go cry in a corner.

if you can give it you can take it, alllryyyttt??

evry1 on ere is lovely and supportive,
get lost!!!!!!

Comment from kayleigh

    23.58, 11/12/2007

well done i think all the YOUNG mums on here a brill.and i say young mums because this is a website for young people to come on a ask for advice or whatever not for the likes of(not a mummy/iam a mummy)to come on here and slag us all.we all know that we are good mums(unlike some people)so keep sticking together and standing up to the likes of not a mummy or whatever she calls herself and prove we are not imature like her xxx

Comment from shez

    20.10, 09/01/2008

i fell pregnant when i was 15 and as i dont believe in terminations i went through with the pregnancy and had my little boy when i was 16. and although people think that teenage parents use is as an excuse to get money and an easy life this is not alwys the case i finished my gcse’s and have recently finished college many teenage mums are jus like any other parent and want to do the best by their child its not easy by any means but something i wouldnt change for the world riley is my world and now what ever i do is for him,

Comment from jess

    13.33, 12/01/2008

hi guys 🙂
Jus thort id drop by and see how many of u girls r still chattin on ere, cos wen i first came on ere a couple o yrs ago, thur was loadsa chat now its all dried up!!
Thank god that weirdo “not a mummy…oh shit…yeah i am!” has gone and slung her hook lol
i was so happy wen i found out i was pregnant about 3 months ago, but unfortunately i miscarried which was very sad, and we decided to stop trying for a while, and i waited for my period to arrive to go bak on the pill, but it never came,
And lo and behold… 8wks pregnant!
I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy, we were over the moon, felt like a second chance, but now im avin all these problems, in and out of hospital everyday for tests n scans, cos they cant find a baby jus the sac (sum ppl shud no wot i mean)
theyve told me that they think there are 2 explainations:

1) is that for some reason i am alot further behind than i thort i was, even tho my dates say im 8wks, i may have ovulated sooo late in my cycle, baby is only 4weeks???? 🙁

2) is that the pregnancy failed in the first couple of weeks, and my body hasnt realised, and its basically kept growing the sac wit no baby in :(:(:(:(:(:(:(

I no this may be a bit off topic, but has any1 on here, been for an ultrasound and it been waaaaaaaay out, like u were 12weeks n they tellin u ur 9 weeks u no wot i mean

Any info much appreiciated, i get the test results on monday and im absolutely shitting myself

Thanks guys



Comment from bekie

    02.05, 15/01/2008

hi im bekie, im 15 and am 20 weeks pregnant with a little boy and im so excited i am lucky because ive got my boyfreind and my mum behind me all the way, i got pregnant at 12 with my ex’s baby and i had an abortation and evrey day i regret it when i go to the doctors i feal selfish for keeping this baby but not the other i would never have another abrtation and i just wish i had spoke to my mum because if i knew she wasent gonna rip my head off i wouldnt even of considered it. i just wont to tell any girl if ur only having a abortation because u dont want to tell your mum, just tell her she will understand because u will regret it 4 the ret of ur life and i dont wish it on any one xxx

Comment from a

    14.55, 18/01/2008

if people waited until they are married then we wouldn’t have all these problems:


Comment from Jess

    16.21, 18/01/2008

to be honest, i wouldnt call a baby a “problem” any who cares if ur married or not anyway, what odds does that make in this day and age, jus cos ur married doesnt mean the baby gonna have a better life?
what if 2 druggys got married, wud it then b viable for them to have kids and let them grow up in a house filled with crack?
Or what about if a woman hu was madly in love with an abusive alcoholic, its ok for them to have a kid cos they get married but he beats her up throughout her pregnancy, and hits the kid (thats if it survives)
Bit of an old fashionedway to look at life in my opinion, u can be any fucker to get married, but u gotta be two special ppl to be good mummys n daddys!!!!!!!

2months 3weeks pregnant with our first child, 17yrs old x

Comment from Jess

    16.55, 18/01/2008

Just remembered, i thought id update any1 watching this thread, i got the results on monday and everything is happy n healthy, my HCG has more than doubled and gone from 9371 to nearly 20,000mcg!!!
I was really pleased to heard that, and me and my fiance go for another scan on tuesday to see baba, they reckon he may have been hidin on the ultrasound or sumet!
hows evry1s pregnancy going??

Comment from LiamzMummie

    20.26, 18/01/2008


Comment from Anonymous

    16.57, 20/01/2008

i had my baby on the 5th, little girl ,5 pound 4 oz my wonderful little baby all the best to you teen mums xxxxxx

Comment from Sarah

    08.19, 29/01/2008

hi, i’m 15 and i found out i am pregnant yesterday. My boyfriend of 2 years said he will support me whatever i choose to do and i know deep down that he wants to keep it. I have my gcses in May/June. I do quite well in school and it’s not my gcses that i’m worrid about i’m wondering if i have the baby is there any cance of me still being able to study for my Alevels in September. I think i am nearly 2 months pregnant as i have missed two periods but put off taking the test as i knew i was pregnant and i was scared. I also need to tell my mum and im completly clueless about doing that aswell x

Comment from Hannah White

    15.46, 11/02/2008

Hi, I stumbled across this site when printing out the guardian article to show my now two and a half year old daughter Ebony. Its a huge relief to see so many young people and young mums talk so openly about their pregnancies and their beautiful babies. Just wanted to say keep going and keep your dreams. I had ebony when i was 16 and I’ve never looked back.

I’m not going to advise being a teen mum, its hard and isolating at times. But it is really good to see so many success stories


Comment from Hannah White

    15.49, 11/02/2008

Hi again- in reply to sarahs comment, It is possible to do your Alevels i knew many mums at college however its your body, your future and your decision. I had help from the care to learn scheme which provided me with a childminder and i would advise you talk to your mum asap if you can-she’ll want to help you hopefully

All the best
luv hannah XXX

Comment from Karoline

    10.00, 23/02/2008

Hii 🙂 I’ve just been reading all the arguments, i thought it was pretty pathetic tbh, why do people come on here saying things about young mums? It’s stupid and there stupid i mean come on this site is for ‘teenage mums’ so if you’ve got a problem with it dont come on it for fuck sakes, You’re on about teenage mothers being slag and stupid and whatever you call us but you’ve looked up this site You’re writing on it? so hmm let me think whos the idiot now!? Grow the fuck up! i bet you’re some stupid immature teenager that hasnt got a child or pregnant just got nothing else better to do so you come on here judging people.

Anyways 🙂 Im karoline im 14 and i am 12 weeks pregnant:) im pretty excited tbh I have all my family to support me i am pretty looky tbh.
Well i just wanna say that No person should liston to these haters:) Teenage mothers are the bomb! I think that teenagers who become pregnant and keep there baby are stars, most teenage girls would be like ‘im pregnant, but im going to have an abortion’ i do not agree to abortions but other people may think its the best for them and the baby. I personally would never have an abortion, i’ve actually lost a baby not that long ago. its the worse feeling ever! So yeh im looky to have another chance ino im 14 and both my pregnancys was not planned but im happy about it, nothing can replace the baby i lost. My little boy would of been a lovely baby if he had the chance! i guess god needed another little angle up there:) So yeah
Teenage Mothers Rock!
dont let nobody tell you any different
Best of luck to all you mothers + Mothers to bee:)
Lots of loveee <3

Comment from zoe3

    11.15, 26/02/2008

i think im pregnant but im only 15 i dont know what to do if me and my ex boyfriend deside to have the baby if i am. i dont know how to explain to my mum im pregnant because if i do and she goes mad and will kick me out

Comment from zoepaul

    12.38, 26/02/2008

hi my name is zoe i am 15 and i have just found out i am pregnant with my first bby this was my second time having sex but me and my boyfriend of 6 mouth having sex for the first time desided to use no johnny so we didnt now i am pregnent i dont know what to do because its not just up to me and i dont know how to tell my mum she might freak out and kick me out and tell me to live with my boyfriend who just dumped me because he found out so i dont know what to do can you help by replying and giving me good advise xx thanks xx

Comment from zoe

    12.44, 26/02/2008

hi i hate people who think us teenage mums and mums to be are sluts you dont know how it feels k at the start for me it was hard to get round it but now i am happy i might have a little girl or boy growing inside me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love you all

Comment from 16 and proud to be a mummy

    06.25, 27/02/2008

hey zoe you can add me to msn if u wanna tlk sexychick654_832@hotmail.com dont forget if your from the gold coast add me love you all xoxo

Comment from jess

    10.28, 27/02/2008

Hi Zoe.
To be honest, and lets face it, what did you think would happen if you had unprotected sex?
I’m 15weeks pregnant, with my first, im 17, me and my fella have a house together and have been together for 4 years in march – and there are STILL things were finding difficult, like locating the money from our income to support baby, and pay for the tonnes of extras needed around our house!!
Im not judging, we were trying for our baby, you werent, who cares? as long as you can love your baby it doesnt matter anyway…nearly 60% of all pregnancies are “unplanned”…even i was and my sister! doesnt make us any less loved now does it?
I understand your age issue too, i know it seems daunting telling your parents how its going down and there are gonna be alot of questions they will want to to answer. Like how are you going to support baby?
I suppose its needless to say that i am anti-abortion and therefore my arguement is slightly biased, because i wont be advising you to run off to your nearest hospital to book an abortion.
At the end of the day, you dont play the games unless you gonna play it by the rules. you are accountable for your baby, and so is your fella, who needs to stand up to his responsibilities and act like a father, to protect you and your baby.
I mean, how far are you? if you only just found out, you will be between 4 and 5 weeks. they always measure the legnth of your pregnancy from the first day of your last period, so work out when that was.
AT 5 weeks, baby’s heart begins to beat, at 7 weeks, baby even moves for the first time on its own. I know, i had to have scans everyweek until i was 10 weeks.
If you feel you can give your son/daughter a good quality of love and life, then keep your baby and take extra special care…make sure your taking FOLIC ACID supplements everyday…they stop your child from developing spina bifida and downs syndrome.
Make sure your not smoking or drinking.
email me, jdnjnr_1@hotmail.com
or add me, either way i dnt mind, im on msn most nights
Im in the UK, just so u can estimat the time zone differences, if ur in the US….
Good luck, and make sure ur fella is there when you tell the parents
PS dont tell them before 9 weeks, because the chances of miscarriage ar still extremly high (1 in 3) after 10 weeks it goes down to 1 in 1000.
And if your getting aching or stabbing pains in your abdomen, dont worry! they are all the stomach muscles and round ligaments stretching to accomadate your womb as it is growing….

Im waffling now, speak soon, and take care xxxxxxxxx

Comment from Lozzi

    13.17, 06/03/2008

Hi girls, i’m totally new to this, came accrosss your blo because i think i might be pregnant and i’m trying ot get my head around it.
I’m 19 and i’m just about to finish my first year at uni, and my boyfriend is only 16…
I know it’s a big gap, but we’ve been together for 2 and a half years now. The pregnany wasn’t planned, but i’ve been thinking and i do want to keep it… but my boyfriend doesnt. He doesntthink we’re ready and i suppose is ultimately scared of what our parents will say.
I know my mum will think i’m mad, buti want to keep it and think that i can come back to uni and finish my degree.
I seriously think i can do this, but i was jsut wondering what your thoughts were? I hate the thoughts of abortion coz i am a very guilty person anyway and i know i will regret it.

Finally, i think you’re all amazing for havin the courage to have your babies…
I’m just worried everyone will hate me becasue i have such a good relationship with my boyfirends parents and i sont want them to tihnk im ruining their sons life, with him being so young…


Comment from 16 and proud to be a mummy

    23.49, 06/03/2008

hey i think if you are pregnant to keep it im 16 and my baby is nearly 7 months its the best thing i ever did there is nothing more rewarding then watching your baby grow and learn to do different things and i know if you got rid of the baby you would regret it forever anyone would

Comment from my one love

    23.50, 06/03/2008

hey i think if you are pregnant to keep it im 16 and my baby is nearly 7 months its the best thing i ever did there is nothing more rewarding then watching your baby grow and learn to do different things and i know if you got rid of the baby you would regret it forever anyone would

Comment from mummyjuls

    08.14, 07/03/2008

To Lozzi,
I Think that you are in sticky stituation here with your boyfriend only being 16 years old he is still much of a child himself.My boyfriend and I had our first child when I was 18 just turned 19 when he was born and my boyfriend was 20, they say that girls mature alot quicker than boys and boys stay immature for longer!! I really do understand the situation your in If you are happy to have your baby then you are ready to have a baby. Your boyfriend doesn’t want you to keep it because he’s too imature to have a child because he would have to grow up alot and he doesn’t want to.
As for telling your parents and his don’t you worry about it your 19 years of age and most likely your parents had you when they were around the same age, my mother had three kids and a husband by the time she was 21, as long as you don’t go crying to them that you’ve got yourself pregnant and are so upset about it, they will see that your old enough to make your decisions and your mature enough to deal with them. Don’t worry about telling your boyfriends parents as it takes two to make a baby not just you.

And lastly if you want this baby and your ready to have it then don’t get an abortion just because your partner doesn’t YOU WILL REGRET IT FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.
This might sound harsh but you can have a baby alone if he doesn’t want it and you do then do what you want not something for someone else.
Good Luck and let us no how you get on

Comment from jess

    15.56, 07/03/2008

i agree with the general sway of everyones answers soo far in regards to “Lozzi”.

The only thing i’d be thinking right now, is, preparing yourself for the possibility that this 16 yr old lad is gonna up n do a runner on you! He clearly is terrorfied of the prospect of being a dad, and therefore you are both responsible for not using protection, not just you. If he has said he doesnt want you to keep it, what sort of a position will he be in when you do? Is he gonna stick around begrudgingly or stick by you and become a family.

Also, i think your being a bit optomistic in regards to going straight back to Uni next year!! You wont even have the baby til decemeber, and you cant just give birth and then ask your family of friends to look after your child while your off studying. i understand its important to you, but your priorities are gonna take a bit swap n change very soon, you need a stable home ofr one, not a flat at a uni or living with your mum.

You need to make sure you can financially support this child, and ur boyfriend, providing hes not gonna run n hide, has gotta step up to the plate and begin providing for his family.

Whatever you do, please dont abort and dont let anyone talk you into it. Im 16weeks pregnant now, and since 14weeks, my baby has been wriggling and kicking and allsorts, the feeling is amazing and the scans are the best. i saw my baby’s heartbeat and leg movement at 6-7weeks, i dont know how people can abort a baby knowing its already a human being!!

And by the way, ive just read your question again…


buy a test or go to your docs and have a blood test which are more acurate, and for gods sake dont tell your parents your pregnant until your doctor has confirmed it….

Comment from Hannah White

    20.10, 09/03/2008

Hey lozzi, I’m 19 and a mum at uni I live in a family flat on campus while i do my degree, I’m only in my first year and find it very hard but i have lots of support from friends and family. I just wanted to let you know that it is possible to carry on with your education and being a mum doesnt and shouldnt stop you from having your own aspirations, however the above comments do hold true; your priorities change-you cant stay up all night studying last minute. your baby will always come first. You have to be really organised but in all honesty I dont see my life being any different than that of a working mum.

All the best with whatever you decide to do

from hannah x

Comment from stace

    09.07, 26/03/2008

hi all im stacey. there are all different posts out there on different comments an all sorts about teen mums an things like oh “if u become a teen mum u will end up single and alone” well 1 thing from me to all horrid posts “BULLSHIT”. im yrs old and i have a son who is 1. i fell pregnant with my son at 17 an still im with his father and still we are going strong. i moved out of my parents home at the age of 16 an moved 7hours from them. its shows that most teenage mums are very mature. me i think givin up a baby is wrong but if u have the right reasons then ok. only because us teen mums become mums at a young age does not mean that stupid ppl can go slag us off. it just shows that ppl who do slag us mums off that u need to get a life. so i suggest u get 1 befor its u that ends up lonely and leave us mums alone. so there to all u horrid ppl.

Comment from stace

    09.14, 26/03/2008

oh and befor i head off another thing ppl talk about us mums a never having a life. that is not true. if u have a good family an good friendto help u out now an then thats good. its our own fault for makin it happen so let us deal with our own lives. like me befor i moved here i was a dancer (hip hop) i wantd to teach. yes i can stil do that so dont put us down because we know wat we can do well havin a child.

lmao tc stace xx

Comment from stace

    09.18, 26/03/2008

add me if u want staceyakawhitey@hotmai.com . i may sound a cow an my posts but im not i just hate how ppl can slag off us mums for doin a good thing an we go through more than wat they do xxxxx

Comment from bobby

    21.04, 01/04/2008

i reli admire all yhoos teen mums…
yhoos r all totally amazin…
gurd luk 4 all of yhoos in the future…
nd as for da silly cunt hu reckons shes 28… huh… get a lyf…
yur 1 silly cunt dat needs tuu learn sum respect…
us teens av beta respect dan yhoo so do yhur self a favour nd shut da fukin hell up yhoo silly cunt…
yhoo fukin OGAR!!!!!!
yhoos teen mums rock!!!!
luv yhoos all
X bobby X

Comment from stace

    14.24, 03/04/2008


Comment from *Charlotte*

    18.08, 05/04/2008

Hey Well im charlotte. i dont really know were too start. im 13. and i cant stop thinking about babys.! everytime i see something like babys clothes or anything too do with babys it brings me closer to wanting one. i duno what it is but i cant explain this feeling. but im scared waht my mum will think ill know in the end shell support me but what will my friends think? and what will there mums think? i dont just want to trap a boy into me getting pregnent and him being stuck with being a dad just becuase i want one. i know id bee a good mum becuase i looked after my nefew since he was like small and i always copped well i just need advice as soon as soo if any of youu teen mums out there could add me on x-gawgus-gurl-x@hotmail.co.uk feel free too give me advice please. thanks x

Comment from Joanna

    15.33, 13/04/2008


Im 16 and have been with my boyfriend for almost 7 months now.
I want more than anything to settle down and have a family and I know I probably sound like an immature teen that wants a baby to dress up and cuddle but that is not the case. I know how hard it will be.
I have always had problems with my parents and have always thought that it is because they are in their forties and can’t relate to a teenager.
I want to go to Uni and study to become a Home Economics teacher and my boyfriend is going to become an electricion and will probably inherit a family run business.
I know that me and my boyfriend are made for each other so I am not worried about him leaving me and I dont want all of you to think oh they’ve only been together for 7 months she is so naive because you would be wrong we have been through so much in our relationship and have everything planned out for the future.
My extended family would lose respect for me and look down on me because I am good in school and they wouldn;t expect this of me.
I would really like to hear some of your views on my thoughts but please bear in mind that I am a mature young woman and am not just going through a phase.

Thanks a lot

x x x x x

Comment from louisee ..

    19.20, 24/04/2008

hii i fink yr all brave and im preg and i found out 2weeks ago nd reading all yr comments av made me see dat i fink i cud be a good mum .. im 16 i will be 17 if i keep him/her … i fink dat your all great and u all seem so happy and i hope i am like da rest of yaa x

Comment from stace

    14.34, 28/04/2008

hey all. want me to hear veiws im really good at it lol add me on staceyakawhitey@hotmail.com add me to msn or even send me an email if u like. xx

Comment from Tiffney.

    20.20, 01/05/2008

I’ve just been reading all these and just thought I’d drop by and say I’m 15 and I am a teen mum! I had my son 5 weeks ago. He’s the best thing thats ever happened to me. I am a single mum, the baby’s dad said he wanted nothing to do with me or the baby! I was really confused at first, I was quite the rebel, out drinking all the time. I thought about how a baby would stop my social life, that a baby was a whole lifetime responsibility not something I could drop when I wanted to go out with mates. I decided to have the baby. When he was born he changed my life soo much but for the better, when the midwife said he was a boy I was so exited I had a son! I couldn’t belive he was the little baby I had carried around for 9 months. I fell in love with him straight away! My mum is proud of me, at doing this alone. I thought this would be something I’d live to regret but its turned out to be something so great I cant explain. People find it neccesary to look you up and down in the street and there’s always the one person that has something to say, but I dont care. Just because I am a young mum doesn’t make me a bad one. I wouldn’t change Jake for the world, and whatever he does in the future he will make me so proud!

All the best to you other girls. =)

Love always, Tiff x

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Comment from stace

    17.07, 18/05/2008

hi tiff u prob read my posts lol. hope all is well for u an congrts on baby. yeeeeee men r twats lol. im lucky cuz i have a wonderful fiancee an we have been together 4yrs an we have a wonderful son called devon who is 1. lots r women r lucky to still have the dads around an care for them but mind u the dad to yr child seems a right ars an to be honest u r lucky to have a gorg child an at least ya kid wont have t b round skum like him. get me? ah hun well hope all is well if u need to talk or anythin my msn is on my other posts so well tc hun x

Comment from me

    23.02, 26/05/2008

hi im 16 and im 12 weeks pregnant

im scared to tell my mum cuz the dad is 19 and i know she will go crazy i dont belive in abortion and i havent even told the dad
the worst thing about it is its my best friends brother and i dont want to tell her incase she falls out with me

can any1 give me advice

Comment from stace

    21.53, 28/05/2008

hi hun if u want u can email me staceyakawhitey@hotmail.com iv been through the same thing sort of but i can try help. or even if u have msn giv me a shout x

Comment from Gem

    19.13, 10/06/2008

I found out i was 8 weeks pregnant in January this year. I had an abortion in February, as i knew i wanted to complete my studies first. I’m now 18, and its been 25 weeks. I’ve felt so much guilt. It still hurts and i wonder what it would be like if i hadn’t gone through with it. I often feel that i shouldn’t. I told my boyfriend and he completely supported me with whatever i do. And my best friend was there for me. But for some reason i can’t tell them just how much it hurts. Its affected everything i do, and i always feel so down. I didn’t tell my parents, so i can’t even consult them for comfort.
The decision is so hard. But you need to think it through. I said that i would teminate it about 3 seconds after the test to the doctor. Please think first unlike me.

Comment from Tiffney.

    19.22, 12/06/2008

I’m 15 and have a 14 week old son. I wouldn’t change him for the world but I did consider an abortion. My cousin who’s 18 had an abortion earlier on this year when I was pregnant with my son. She feels so guilty now, she goes to counselling onse a week because of the abortion. At the time she was all for it, then after it happened she wish she had kept the baby. She talks to me all the time about what it would be like if she never went along with the abortion. I think abortion is a MASSIVE decision and choosing is one of the most important things ever. Young people choose too easily I think as they’re pressured to do so by the reactions of others. Being a teen mum is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. You get judged at the drop of a hat, as soon as your a mum under the age of 18 you are automatically judged as a slag, a girl who sleeps around. The mums do everything they can to care for their little one then get frowned up on by other adults. I myself can say I am a great mum to my son, I may only be 15 but age has nothing to do with how well you can love and care for a child. There are some 30 year old mothers who I wouldn’t leave an animal in their care.

Comment from Tiffney.

    19.37, 12/06/2008

I’ve just relised I’ve alredy posted on here lol! and I’ve made a mistake on mu last comment I’ve said Jake is 14 weeks, he’s actually 11 weeks. + Stace, I’ll add you, haven’t talked to any other young mums. It’ll be a change to talking to my friends ha! and thanks congrats on your little boy too! Aww thats a lovely name, Devon. =D + yeah its his loss really because Jake’s beautiful! So I agree I’m better off without him!


Comment from Stacey

    23.47, 24/06/2008

Hayya Im 13 Nearly 14, i am 2 months pregnant and i need some advise i no im young and i dont really no what desiton to make,i keep changeing my mind and i really dont wana make the wrong desition because this is a life changeing thing. i live with my mum on a council estate its only to bed room and my mum dont work so we aint got much money, and i dont no were i would get money from and i would also have to leave school and i just got into a beauty course to do for one of my gcse’s when i start year 10 x i just need some un biest advise x thanks for reading this x

Comment from mummyjuls

    08.44, 25/06/2008

Hi Stacey, I’m not going to judge you or lecture you, but i was just wanting to why are you having sex at 13 anyway!!!!!
You have certainly got yourself into a sticky situation. I just want you to no that if you are consideriing abortion, then please make sure you are in the right frame of mind for it, il explain:
I had my first son when i was 18 and when my boyfriend and i found out i was pregnant we wer both over the moon so there was no question what we were goin to do. then wen i was 20 i split from my boyfriend after 5years but there was such a strong connection we just couldnt give each other up and i was pregnant again. my boyfriend said he onlly wanted one child so i didnt no how i was goin to tell him , i had just got a new job and everything was lookin bak on track.i got into my head that abortion was the only good option so i made the appointment got to the hospital and was talking to the doctor when it came down to it my boyfriend and i just looked at each other and we knew we wer makin the wrong descion so we asked if we could leave the room for a minute. we were sittin in a small waiting room and there was a little girl sittin beside her mommy she was reading a book and she says to her mum is mr god really watchin us all mummy. and thats when i said who are we to decide if this baby should live or not what gives us the right to play god with lives. we were the ones having sex and we made the baby so we had to deal with it, so that day we left the hospital with a picture of our little baby and he arrived 7 months later.
so now im a 21 year old with a 2 and half year old son and a 7 month old son and me and there father arent an item anymore but still good friends .
being a mum is the most rewarding thing you could ever do with your life no matter what age, but if you are having sex then you should be ready to face the consequences. sometimes i think to myself where would i have been if i didnt have my boys, but then it hits me im the most important thing in those boys life and they are mine.and when i tuck my boys up in bed at night and hear what new words he learning etc its the best feeling in the world.i look at my youngest now and its really hard to think that he might not have been here and it makes u want to rip your heart out.and if i had aborted him i dont think my life would be as easy as it is now.
and if you decide to have your baby then after your child is born and when you think its a good time get yourself a little job and you will cope fine. i bringin my 2boys up and i work part time iv redecorated my enite house and made it all lovelly and i can treat my kids to kool things and i clothe them in lovely clothes and my self well i can still manage to clothe myself in brand clothing. it aiint as bad as soome people make it out to be. how many young single parents do u no that have a 42″ plasma television. my point is if your working your life doesnt have to be all benefits and baby puke it can be happiness love and most importantly life….. my email mummyjuls@hotmail.com get in touch if you like and let me no the outcome xxxxx good luck and hope you make the right decion thats right for you and you are 150% sure whatever you decide xxx love and life mummyjuls xx

Comment from Jess

    14.58, 25/06/2008

Hi Stacey, ive just read your new comment.
Im 17 and 31weeks pregnant, im in a totally different situation from you, but nevertheless there are alot of things i know that are gonna help you bring up this child happy and healthy.
I live in the UK, and i presume you do too. I have my own council house, and i work in a resource centre voluntary so i know alot about benefits you are entitled to as a young mum, and also for your mum, that willl give you alot more income.

1. As soon as your baby is born, your mum is entitled to a bigger house (3+ bedrooms – its the law) so she needs to tell the council your due date and they NEED to house her by then.

2. You are entitled to a Sure Start Maternity GRant, which is £500 cash to buy your baby all the essentials before he is born, you claim this as soon as you reach 29weeks pregnant (YOU NEVER PAY THIS BACK)

3. You are entitled to Healthy Start Vouchers from 9 weeks pregnant. These are vouchers sent to you every week/month for you to buy formula milk, and all the way through your pregnancy to buy fresh fruit n veg and also cows milk. whilst your pregnant you get £4.80 a week and when you have the baby you get £6.90 a week. they can be used at asda, morrisons, boots, mothercare, sainsburys ETC.

4. Your mum will be entitled to child tax credits. She will know what these are. Anybody who has a child under the age of 19 receives these. because you are about to have a child, you will recieve them to (its about £70 a week if you have an income of less than £14,000 a yyear) she needs to call into her local tax office to apply/renew her information!

5. When your child is born, you will get Child Benefit for your child and that is £18.10 a week, your midwife will give you the forms.

6. When you register for child benefit, you automatically get £500 in a child trust fund for your baby when he/she turns 18yrs old, and then the government puts another £500 in the account when they turn 5yrs old!

I hope this is a glimmer of hope for you hun! it should make you fel more confident, and your mum should feel more financially secure.
Also, your mum should know that anyone on income support or working tax credits can get reduced or totally subsidised rent and council tax.

EVERYTHING i have just told you is on the job centre plus website – it has alot of different URLs so you need to search “job centre plus” in google, and then pick “Working Age benefits”

Go and see a Citizens Advice Buereax advisor ASAP, and they will set about getting you all the benefits you are entitled to

Email me if you need to know more jdnjnr_1@hotmail.com

Tax credits is on hmrevenue.gov.uk or search for it on google.

Comment from Jess

    15.00, 25/06/2008





love, Jess

(31weeks with little boy)

Comment from mZy

    13.13, 26/06/2008

I am a teenage mother. I fell pregnant at sixteen (so by UK laws i was legally allowed to engage in Sexual Intercourse) and gave birth to my daughter in October 2007. I was in a stable relationship, but i did not plan my pregnancy. I was using condoms, which failed to work as no form of contraception is 100% foolproof. My partner and I are still together and he works to provide for us. We are not on benefits, and i am returning to my A levels in September 2008. I do not believe any mother is ‘ready’ for a baby, and i disagree with the stereotype alot of teenage mothers are labelled with. For example, at parenting groups I attend, alot of older mothers will not talk to me due to my age.

Reading some of the above comments though, i can definately see where the stereotypes come from. Parents who haven’t recieved enough education to spell basic words, who are having underaged sex, who are in relationships with drastically older men, and who come from broken homes. Although I am a teenage mother myself, i do not feel sorry for girls who have not used protection, or who have had too much to drink so drop their pants. I do not consider children having children as brave, but stupid. I would not change having my daughter for the world, but, when you are having consentual sex at thirteen and fourteen, you have no one to blame but yourself. I believe that the laws were put in place to protect teenagers, to stop them from having children that they could not care for. If you are under sixteen you cannot claim benefits and have to rely on your parents or carers, you are not old enough to buy a lottery ticket, nevermind care for a baby.

Comment from ilovemyson

    21.50, 26/06/2008

mZy I was a teen mother as you mightve read above, and I dont think any of us can judge any one else on here because at the end of the day when babie is born and we are all mummies (and daddies) we are all in the same situation, weather you got pregnant while you were drunk or in love… Ok so you got pregnant at 16 right??? So how long were you having sex before you got pregnant??? Not saying that you were having sex before you got pregnant but I know I was… Sometimes its just luck of the draw… Sorry but I really think that your comment was not really needed on a page like this, its not really here for people to judge one another its here to support one another

Comment from stace

    21.24, 20/07/2008

lol hey all again stacey ere an not stacey as in the 13 yr old stacey as in the 18yr old lol. just postin again just incase any1 new or any1 missed my comment on my msn addy or even email me its staceyakawhitey@hotmail.com. im 18 yrs old an my son is 18months old an here if any1 needs to talk i have had a few ppl add me already an pleased to try to help any1. xxxxxx love u to all 🙂 x

Comment from stace

    21.56, 20/07/2008

Hi As you all know i am 18 years old and have a little boy who is just over 18months old and i live with my partner. MZY i do not think you should put such horrid things on this site as you have done. Really from my point i am very proud of young mums out there. Not all of them are good but if you think about it not all older mums make very good parents. Even tho you are at the legal age of having sex does not mean you are actually does not mean 16 is the right age to have sex. you are still very young so i would not be hypocritical. I was very young when i started having sex and yes lucky for me it was with my partner who i have now been with for 4years but just like your relationship ad mine it could all fall apart in 1 peace and from the sounds of it you rely on your relationship too much where as i think you should stop. Education is nothing about looking after a child, you learn as you go along maybe some people done bad in school and some done good but like i say its nothing to do with it so i dont know where you have been reading that stuff from. I never even went to school and im a fab mum and in a great relationship and my son is being brought up in a wonderful place. Just because i have not passed my exams does not mean i dont know whats best for my son just like other mothers who dont pass theirs. I would rather be like that than have qualifications coming out of my ears and a top job and neither parent sees their child in the day because they are both working 40+ hours a week. I would not encourage young teens to be mums but they can make great mums and dont need you to put them down. I AM PROUD OF ALL MUMS WHO DO THEIR BEST!!!!!!!!!! (and people learn from mistakes so keep that in mind).

Comment from Anonymous

    19.10, 24/07/2008

I’m a Researcher on a new TV series called ‘DNA Stories’, presented by Lorraine Kelly.
It’s a documentary style programme for Sky (Real Lives) transmission in October, and we are currently looking for people to take part from all over the UK who have appropriate stories.
The programme aims to help people come to terms with family issues by giving them answers using FREE DNA testing.
It’s a ‘non-conflict’ show so the DNA results won’t create further problems.
Perhaps you never knew your father growing up and think you’ve found him but need proof. Were you separated from a sibling as a child, and think you have found the family you belong to? Do you want to find out who the father of your child is?
If you think you have a story and the show can help, call:

0871 827 5020
Or e-mail: dnastories@stv.tv

Victoria Joffe
SMG Productions

Comment from Jess

    13.09, 28/07/2008

With all due respect to the comment (or more like advert) posted by the producer Victoria;
Even if i didnt know who the dad was to my son, i defo wouldnt do it on a lorraine kelly show!
If any of you dont know what im on about, she interviewed 11yr old girl who actively takes part in beauty pagaents across the world (shes probably pushed into it by her mother a bit but thats beside my point).
On Lorraine’s show, she was extremely nice to the family, and the little girl, asked them all about the family and her competitions and was totally supportive….

And then ripped them to shreds in her column in one of the big tabloids….

Proceed with caution

Comment from Zoeh

    16.04, 29/08/2008

I am 16 years of age and just found out that i am pregnant, im delighted with the news. I dont see why people should feel sorry for teenage mums as we wanted to happen we took the risks. Yes my pregnancey was unplanned but at the same time its going to help me get back to reality. I had a bad childhood of being in care and drinking, taking drugs and smoking but now i have found this i have stopped it all. My 21 year old boyfriend is pushing me to get an abortion but it aint happening..lol

you fckin slut <<— people hu make remarks like that need to get a grip i just recently lost my virginity and i dont sleep around.!! It just makes me soo mad

Good Luck To All The Teenage Mothers Out There

LoveYa’z xxx

Comment from annoymous

    18.25, 04/11/2008

Lost my virginity on the 17th september (protected) everything went fine and the condom didnt split and then i came on my period on the 19th, this was a normal period. Had sex again (protected) on the 9th of october but as it hurt pulled out before he came again the condom was in tact. Came on my period again on the 19th but felt wierd and not normal, it was like one day shorter than normal. am i pregnant?

Comment from Sophie

    16.36, 10/11/2008


I work for a production company called Mentorn Media who are making a documentary series for the BBC following teenagers through pregnancy, birth and having a baby. It’s about telling the real stories of teenagers who are pregnant and hearing about your experiences in your words.

We’d really like to hear from you as we’re looking for a mix of teenage mums-to-be from a variety of different backgrounds to feature in the series. If you’re 16 years old or younger, and this sounds interesting then please drop me a line on here or email me on smohamed@mentorn.tv



Comment from Claire

    02.37, 11/11/2008

Hi, love keeping up to date with all your stories, but i feel the need to comment on the 13yr old stacey?
Hun, you’re 13, and you’re only just beginning your teenage years and not even doing your GCSE’s yet! Your mum doesn’t work, and it just doesn’t seem the right time for you to have a baby?

Your so so so so so young, and you have your whole life ahead of you… Please, i’m not saying you should choose any decision, but you have to think about the quality of life you and your mum could give your baby… it’s not all about the money.

I wish you well whatever you decide,
But please, think about yourself and the welfare of you and your baby for the future.

Comment from Anonymous

    01.25, 19/11/2008

im 17 and i been with my boyfreind now for 3 weeks and im on the pill bt only started last week and we nt been usin protection.
do u think i could be pregnant ?
i did go for a pregnancy test todaii and it said i wasnt pregnant but i want some advise

Comment from stace

    18.01, 26/11/2008

im not being funny but u cud get pregnant any way lol. u cud be preg who knows. he cant just SPURM in u lol sorry for the word but u wont tell if u preg right away hun.

Comment from Jess

    16.56, 28/11/2008

What advice ar u lookin for babe?
The main thing that I feel you already know is that you have to be on the pill for 7 conecutive days before u can stop using condoms, otherwise your not protected. Protection does not start from the second u swallow the first pill hun.
Secondly, u been with this guy 3 weeks… 3 WEEKS and ur shaggin him?…with no contraception? do u even knw where this guys been? Ew!
U surely have more self respect than that babe.
When is your period due?
Take a test on the day it is due, and 3 days and 5 days after if it doesnt come.
Its a common misconception that if u r pregnant and u keep takin the pill the egg and sperm will die and not produce the feotus but in actual fact u can take the pill for up to three months during a pregnancy and it doesnt harm the baby…. so u cud be pregnant and still be taking it. It’s not recommended to take it obviously, but studies show there is no harm done to a developing embyro.

Im 18 and have a 3 month old little boy. It’s the best thing thats ever happened to me, but i was with my partner for 4 years before we began trying for a baby. U with this guy 3 weeks, why are u takin such huge risks?
Plus the fact that no contraception means no protection from STIs
Most of which have absolutely no symptoms until u realise ur infertile a few years down the line.


If you think ur grown up enuff to have sex, u should be grown up enuff to think about contraception as a PRELUDE not an AFTERTHOUGHT

Comment from Anonymous

    16.41, 07/01/2009

how do you girls cope with studies and pregnancy

Comment from stace

    21.39, 15/02/2009

wow stacey is bk again lol. any1 need to talk im ere give us a shout. i do my nvq2 from home. i do it to do with child care so my son can come with me an stay with me at all times so im lucky. but that how i deal with mine 🙂 x

Comment from Anonymous

    00.30, 17/02/2009

hi stacey i have two kids at home i have a 2 year old and a 5 month old and can’t get child care so i was plannin on doin ma gcsa’s at home so a don’t have to worry about the kids and i was just wonderin how much the courses cost and is it easy to study with the kids at home

write bk soon xxx

Comment from ...

    16.46, 09/04/2009

I really want a baby 🙁 im 18 and iv wanted a baby for so long but im on the pill and i always forget to take it anyway but im still not pregnant 🙁 its gayy

Comment from stace

    21.12, 19/06/2009

heeeeeey stace is back again. sorry not been around to talk thats to ppl who i have been talkin to lol. if any1 wants to talk my email and msn is staceyakawhitey@hotmail.com. hey to the question, yes it can be hard to study with screaming kids about grrrrrr, it can cost alot of money but depends who u get it with, me when i was doing my course i got it for free as it was somthing to do with the place i was working at. right now i have changed my job to being a care worker which now i dont do my course at home i have to do my training round the centre where im doing my work. i wish you the best of luck with everything. need to talk im about 🙂 xxxx

Comment from chunkybutt

    17.04, 04/12/2009

Im 14 And Have Just Found Out IM Pregnant i Was ON and off with a lad in sept we slept together n then finsihed last month i got with a lad who is everything to me and i told him but hes not very happy i wil not tell the dad and dont no ehat to doo i cant tell my mum it wil hurt her anyone have any ideas ?

Comment from Jonnelle

    20.01, 04/12/2009

Hey chunky, sticky situation your in aye?
Well if you’re planning to keep your baby your mum will have to find out sooner or later, I had my oldest son when I was 17 I was so scared of telling my mum but she actually took it better then expected, I think you psych yourself up for it to be really really bad and when it doesnt go how you thought its ok… If your new man isnt happy then thats his problem he will have to accept things for what they are… Dont let anyone force you into doing anything you dont want to do 🙂 Hope this helps

Comment from STACE

    22.04, 20/01/2010


Comment from STACE

    21.45, 07/02/2010

i thnk we shud start a subject about mother inlaws an how some can b a right painnnnnnnnnnnn

Comment from hannah

    21.49, 02/07/2010

hi again just wanted to wish everyone the very best with everything they do, I have my degree now and ebony is 5 and im working full time in neuroscience. Keep being amazing mums and never give up whatever you decide to do. x

Comment from sjhoward (author of the post)

    10.40, 05/07/2010

Hey Hannah,
Congratulations on the degree, and thanks for letting us know how you’re getting on! It seems strange to think it’s five years since I first posted this, and Ebony must be growing up fast!
Hope you’re enjoying working in neuroscience, and do keep in touch – you have a truly inspirational story!
All the best,
Simon 🙂

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