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Is Hillary’s Presidential campaign over?


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I keep old posts on the site because I often enjoy reading old content on other people's sites. It can be interesting to see how views have changed over time: for example, how my strident teenage views have, to put it mildly, mellowed.

I'm not a believer in brushing the past under the carpet. I've written some offensive rubbish on here in the past: deleting it and pretending it never happened doesn't change that. I hope that stumbling across something that's 12 years old won't offend anyone anew, because I hope that people can understand that what I thought and felt and wrote about then is probably very different to what I think and feel and write about now. It's a relic of an (albeit recent) bygone era.

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Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton: Shapeshift, modified under licence
Suggestions abound in the blogosphere that Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is ‘toast’ after coming third in the Iowa caucus.

I’m no expert on US politics, but I don’t see how you can write off a candidate who is nationally polling at 41%, versus a nearest rival at 24%. Clinton’s even leading by 6% over Obama in New Hampshire, so perhaps the results from Iowa mean less than many pundits suggests.

It’s mildly amusing that here in the UK, no-one really cares about the Republican candidates, to the extent that they weren’t even mentioned on one of the country’s biggest news bulletins last night. It’s hard to tell whether it’s because the nation is only interested in Clinton or because Bush has left us so disillusioned with the Republicans that we want to hear no more about the party…

I think either Clinton and Obama, as the two most likely Democratic candidates, would make a welcome change from Bush, who seems to have redefined the presidential role to achieve his own ends. Either would seem to provide a relatively level head in the White House – something that appears to have been missing for a while.

As for the Republicans… Meh, I have no idea… Who the hell is Huckabee?

But watching such a close race between seemingly good Democratic candidates is very exciting, and now I’ve started reading more about it, I’m becoming more and more addicted. It’s like The West Wing – but in real life! Well, almost.

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Comments and responses

Comment from Will Patching

    04.33, 06/01/2008

Simon, you asked “Who the hell is Huckabee?” He’s currently the front runner to replace Bush and could end up as the next so-called “Leader of the Free World”:

He’s a religious fundamentalist ex-baptist minister whose sermons are strangely ‘not available’ to the press. He believes homosexuality is akin to necrophilia. He wanted Aids victims quarantined. He believes Adam and Eve were real people. He talked to God on his mobile while campaigning. He thinks his campaign success is based on divine intervention. He entered politics to “take the nation back for Christ”. He believes in End Times.

You couldn’t make this stuff up! Can’t possibly win though, eh?

Well, apparently around half of US citizens not only believe the world was created some five thousand years ago and many of them believe the biblical prediction that the second coming of Christ will occur within ‘a generation’ of the establishment of Israel… So, the Apocalypse is coming soon and Huckabee and his evangelical supporters welcome the prospect.



Romney is second in the Republican race for leadership. He’s a Mormon. Two First Ladies in 2008 perhaps?

Be worried Free World.

Comment from sjhoward (author of the post)

    15.54, 06/01/2008

I thought all of the leading Republican candidates have publicly forsaken the science of evolution in favour of some theistic delusion or other? That’s surely pretty much par for the course with the republicans, after a republican President decided that God told him to invade Iraq…

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