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HP Support Blog: Day 14

Happy two-week ‘anniversary’! Yep, it’s now two weeks since I first reported my faulty laptop for a next-day repair with HP, and it’s not fixed and not here.

Yesterday, I was sort of hopeful that the HP Support Blog would pull into the fixed-laptop station for the very last time, but it appears to be rumbling on, out of control. I contacted ICM Computers, HP’s subcontractors, this morning, as I’ve heard nothing since Friday. I was told that the machine had (as planned) been wiped and reinstalled from scratch, but (unsurprisingly) that hadn’t fixed the problem.

So in a somewhat surreal turn of events, they’ve decided to replace the system board and screen. They’ve done that twice before, you’ll remember, and it didn’t work. But clearly, they think it will this time. Problem is, they’ve not got either. So they’re awaitinf parts. My man from Warrington assures me that the repair has been escalated to a senior level. That’s nice, but it doesn’t seem to be making an awful lot of difference so far.

I’ll post an update tomorrow, though I’m not terribly hopeful that it’ll contain much. Remember that you can follow HP Support Blog posts specifically on this page, or with this RSS feed. Have fun.

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Japan rebuilt Hiroshima. That’s the big difference.

Here lies Vera


Look at the picture, listen to the clip from The Morning Report, heck, visit Ashley Morris’s blog if you want to. I don’t understand how this can happen in the world’s richest country in the 21st century, and I’m not even going to try and comment on something that I can’t begin to comprehend.

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HP Support Blog: Day 13

Nothing much to report today, sadly. No laptop, no communication from HP or their subcontractors, nothing.

Frankly, I’m so fed up with them that I thought I’d just leave it for today. I’m sure if I’d called my new friend at Warrington that he would’ve chased it up for me – but I gave them a day’s grace instead.

Whether the laptop will turn up tomorrow is really anyone’s guess.

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